Worship Drama: A Fun Christmas Pageant for Old and Young Actors by Scott Elliott

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Preacher: Sometime near the very end of the period we refer to as B.C. the Angel Gabriel appeared in a small town called Nazareth to a young woman, a girl really . . . What might that most unusual conversation look like today?

Gabriel has entered the sanctuary and is walking up the aisle looking for Mary. Gabriel can be male or female and she/he is carrying baby shower and celebration balloon(s). This entrance should resemble a singing telegram delivery. Gabriel can ask a couple of folks who are not “plants” where Mary is, but the last person should be a “planted” actor.

Gabriel: Hi. I ‘m Gabriel. Excuse me Mam/Sir, can you tell me which person is Mary? No? (Goes to next person then to the planted actor). Ahh, you, Sir/Mam, can you tell me where I can find Mary?

Actor: Umm, yeah, she’s up there.

Gabriel: Thank you.

Gabriel goes to Mary. Mary is looking forward towards the altar or cross or a Bible and has not been paying attention to Gabriel, until she/he addresses her.

Gabriel: Excuse me. Are you Mary, Joseph’s fiancee?

Mary is taken aback by this public inquiry in the midst of a service. She is embarrassed by being put on the spot.

Mary: Huh, yeah, . . . um. . . my name is Mary.

Pleased to have found Mary, Gabriel bows grandly and presents the balloons. Gabriel takes Mary onto the chancel/stage, bows and speaks with a flourish.

Gabriel: Rejoice, you highly favored one! The Lord is with you.

Mary stands and looks dumbfounded. She is greatly troubled by the statement and keeps pondering what could possibly be going on.

Gabriel: (Sings and “dances” to tune of Yankee Doodle (or some other obviously non-Christmas tune) as best as can be done in the hokey fashion of singing messages. Blows -poorly and out of tune- the trumpet for a note- as if it were a pitch pipe. A magician’s appearing cane or other such tricks can be added).

Mary, do not be afraid,
For you have found God’s favor
My news for is you’ll conceive the Lord, God our Savior
He will be a son, you hear, and you shall name him Jesus
He will be called Son of the Most High,
And His Kingdom shall never leave us. (Gabriel appears to end song, then starts back up as Mary tries to sneak away)
Mary you’ll be pregnant. Mary you’ll have a baby
Mary you’ re the chosen one, Or my name ain’t Gabie.
Mary is quite embarrassed and concerned. She knows its not possible, but she also knows that Gabriel is somehow telling the truth.

Mary: How can this be? I have. . . uh, never even been with a guy. Not even Joseph (Embarrassed, sotto voice) . . . I’m a virgin.

Gabriel: (Tenderly, with understanding, walking Mary back to her seat)

The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. And your child will be called the Son of God. For nothing is impossible with God. Need more convincing?(goes to blow the trumpet again, but, before she/he can sing Mary jumps up and cuts her/him off).

Mary: Okay, then. Let me be God’s servant. . . I’ll do it. Okay?

She takes bouquet and gives a look that shoos Gabriel out

Gabriel exists

[End of Extract]

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