What Color by Casey Bell

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When the curtains open it is dark.

It is the living room of Rosalyn.

There is a slight silence. Soon it is broken

BRENT: How long do we have to hide?

LISA: Be quiet Brent, you're going to ruin everything.

BRENT: He's not even here yet. What's taking them so long just to get

LISA: Be quiet Brent. Be patient.

RHONDA: Please be quiet Brent, we don’t want to ruin the surprise.

BRENT: I'm just tired of waiting.

RHONDA: Well, we all have been waiting, but you’re the only one

WESLEY: We have been waiting here pretty long.

BRENT: Thank you, Wesley.

LISA: They will be here any minute, now please shut up.

RHONDA: Please be quiet before you ruin the surprise.

BRENT: I don’t want to wait anymore.

WESLEY: Me neither.

LISA: Patience is a virtue.

BRENT: What’s a virtue?

RHONDA: Quiet please.

WESLEY: What is a virtue?

ROSALYN: Would ya’ll shut the hell up!

Everyone gets quiet.

A car door is heard.

ROSALYN: See, they’re here. Now everyone shut up.

BRENT: No one was talking.

LISA: You’re talking now.

BRENT: But no one was talking when she said everyone shut up.

RHONDA: Quiet please.

BRENT: I was just saying-


Hazel and Aaron can be heard from off-stage.

Hazel is purposely speaking loudly as to warn everyone inside the

HAZEL: (Off) Aaron, we are here. We are finally here at mother’s

AARON: (Off) Why are you talking like that?

HAZEL: (Off) Why, what do you mean, Aaron? How am I talking? All I
said was that we are home now. We are getting out of the car and
about to approach the door.

AARON: (Off) Thanks for telling me what we are doing, because
otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

HAZEL: (Off) Oh, Aaron you are such the comedian, Aaron.

Hazel overdramatically laughs

AARON: (Off) Can we just go inside?

HAZEL: (Off) Of course, Aaron. We are about to enter mom’s house.
Do you remember living here? Do you miss it, Aaron?

AARON: (Off) Not really, could you just open the door already?

HAZEL: (Off) Okay, I am about to take the key and unlock the door, so
that I can open it, so that we can enter the house.

AARON: (Off) Thanks for the instructions; you think you could just
open it?

HAZEL: (Off) What is the rush, Aaron? I am opening the door now. I
am putting the key in the door, and I am about to unlock the door. I
am now unlocking the door. I just unlocked the door. I will now turn
the doorknob and open the door.

AARON: (Off) Would you just open the damn door?

HAZEL: (Off) Aaron, what is with the potty mouth?

AARON: (Off) Why are you taking two years to open the door?

HAZEL: (Off) Patience is a virtue, Aaron. Okay, here I go. I am
opening the door.

BRENT: Would she hurry the hell up?

HAZEL: (Off) Here I go.

She opens the door and turns on the lights

Everyone jumps out and yells, Surprise!

AARON: Oh, hell no.

After seeing his reaction everyone hesitantly sings the Happy Birthday

Once they are done, they cheer

AARON: Why did you do this? You know I hate parties.

HAZEL: I told you mother.

ROSALYN: Oh, please, it’s not like we do this every year. Aaron,
baby, I’m your mother and if I decide to throw you a party, I will
do it and you will like it.

Rosalyn hugs Aaron

AARON: Thanks, mom. But please don’t do this again.

LISA: Hey Birthday boy. Or as you say Birth Anniversary.

AARON: Lisa, you’re supposed to be my friend. How come you didn’t
stop this party from happening?

LISA: I made many suggestions, but they were ignored. Wesley, come
over here and say hi.

WESLEY: Happy Birthday, Aaron.

AARON: Thank you, Wes-man. How old are you now?

WESLEY: Twelve.

AARON: Already; weren’t you six years old last week?

LISA: It sure seems like it. They grow up so quickly.

WESLEY: Mom, can I go back over there with Brent. He said he’s
going to teach me how to play spades.

LISA: Spades? You’re too young for that.

WESLEY: Please mom.

LISA: Go ahead.

Wesley runs towards Brent

LISA: I don’t understand how you and Brent became friends. He is
completely your opposite. And I don’t like his attitude. He’s a
bad influence on Wesley, and yet Wesley admires him.

AARON: Wesley admires any man that cares to spend time with him. So,
how’s Ricky doing? Is he spending more time with him?

LISA: No. I think I’m going to have to get a DNA test just to prove
to Ricky that Wesley is indeed his son.

AARON: Is Maury still on the air?

LISA: Ha, ha, funny.

AARON: I’m sorry that you’re in this situation.

LISA: Don’t be; I got myself into this situation. I guess I’m
going to have to get myself out of it. Enough about me. How are you
feeling? Do you feel a year older?

AARON: No. But I am really annoyed about this party.

LISA: Aaron, what is wrong with you? Why do you hate celebrating your

AARON: I do not mind celebrating my Birth Anniversary. I just don’t
like parties. I’m into simplicity. Just mail me a greeting card
with a gift card in it and I’m satisfied.

LISA: Well, your mother went through a lot trouble just to put this
party together. You should at least pretend to enjoy it.

AARON: A lot of trouble she didn’t have to go through. She knows I
don’t like parties.

Rhonda walks towards Aaron

RHONDA: Hey, Birthday boy.

AARON: Hey, momma Green.

Rhonda and Aaron hug

RHONDA: And how are you doing today?

AARON: I’m doing fine.

RHONDA: Just for the record, I reminded your mother how much you hate
parties, but she ignored me. So please don’t be upset with me.

AARON: Thanks, momma Green.

RHONDA: Lisa, baby, are you aware that Brent is teaching my grandson
how to play spades?

LISA: Yes, mother.

RHONDA: And you’re okay with that?

LISA: No, but Wesley needs a male figure in his life.

RHONDA: What’s wrong with Aaron?

LISA: Wesley loves Aaron, but he admires Brent. For whatever reason I
think he wants to be like him.

RHONDA: Well, I think Brent is a horrible influence on Wesley.

LISA: Mother, I really don’t want to do this now.

RHONDA: Okay, we’ll do it later. Well, Happy Birthday Aaron. And
try to enjoy this party; your mother did a lot work just to have this

AARON: I’ll try, momma Green.

HAZEL: Hey, can we get some music going here?

Rosalyn turns on the stereo

ROSALYN: Is this good enough for you?

HAZEL: Yeah, that’s fine.

Hazel dances over to Aaron

HAZEL: Happy Birthday brother.

AARON: Thank you, sister.

HAZEL: Not that it’s important or anything, but I thought I let you
know, I told mother not to do this.

AARON: Do what?

HAZEL: I told her not to have a party, but she was very persistent.

AARON: Thanks, Hazel.

HAZEL: No problem. But try your best to enjoy it. You know, be
grateful, appreciate it, she did a lot of work.

AARON: Okay.

Hazel dances away from Aaron. Brent walks towards him

AARON: Hey man, how are you?

BRENT: I’m good, yo. Happy Birthday, man.

AARON: Thank you.

BRENT: Just for the record, dog. I told your mother how much you hate
parties, but she is very stubborn. I see where you get it.

AARON: Not funny. So, how are you doing?

BRENT: I’m good man.

AARON: Seriously?

Aaron looks him in his eyes
AARON: You’ve been good?

BRENT: Yeah, man. I’ve been clean.

AARON: How long?

BRENT: Three months.

AARON: That’s good.

BRENT: Yeah, the program has really helped me.

AARON: Are you staying away from your old crew?

BRENT: Yeah, man. I don’t hang around them no more.

AARON: That’s good. Well, thanks for coming, despite of.

BRENT: No problem, man. And try to enjoy it. Your mother went
through a lot just to have this little shin-ding.

AARON: I’ll try.

HAZEL: Mom, do you want me to take the food out of the kitchen?

ROSALYN: Not yet. I think it’s time to open presents.

Everyone cheers

AARON: No, that’s not necessary. I’ll just bring them all home
and then I’ll send out thank you cards.

ROSALYN: Aaron, you can’t be serious. Stop fooling around; it’s
time to open your gifts. Now, sit on the couch and everyone gather

Rosalyn turns off stereo

HAZEL: Here you go.

Hazel hands him two greeting cards

HAZEL: The other one is from daddy. He gave it to me before he left
on his business trip.

AARON: Thank you.

Aaron opens the envelope and reads the front of card

AARON: To a very special brother on a very special day.

Aaron opens the card

AARON: Ooh, money.

Aaron continues to read the card

AARON: Wishing you a wonderful day and hoping much happiness in the
years to come. Happy Birthday. Thank you, Hazel. It’s beautiful,
especially the gift inside.

HAZEL: Well, you know what they say; it’s not what’s on the
outside that counts, but what’s on the inside.

AARON: Especially if there is a lot of it.

ROSALYN: This is from me to you, baby.

AARON: Thank you, mom.

Aaron goes to open the gift

ROSALYN: Wait, read the card first.

AARON: Do I really have to read all these cards? There are six of
you. I don’t think the audience wants hear all that.

ROSALYN: Go ahead and just open the gift.

Aaron opens the gift

AARON: Oh, thank you. I’ll start reading this tonight.

BRENT: What book is it?

AARON: T. D. Jakes Speaks to Men. Thanks again.

RHONDA: I’m next. Here you go, Aaron.

AARON: Thank you, momma Green

Aaron opens the gift

It is a colorful shirt and tie set
AARON: Wow, these are very bright.

RHONDA: Do you like them? You’re always wearing dry and gray
colors. You never wear anything bright and lovely. So, I thought I
buy you some colorful attire.

AARON: They sure are colorful, maybe too colorful. Thank you. I will
cherish them forever.

Aaron speaks to himself

AARON: But I’ll never wear them.

BRENT: It’s my turn man. Here ya go.

Brent hands him a card

AARON: Is there money in this thing?

BRENT: No man, something better than money.

Aaron opens the card

AARON: A gift card for a liquor store?

BRENT: Not just any liquor store, it’s from Spirits, the best liquor
store in this state.

AARON: But I don’t drink alcohol.

BRENT: But I thought maybe you could try something different. You
know, go and experiment with different drinks.

AARON: No. You can have it.

Aaron hands the gift card to him

BRENT: No, man, I can’t take it back. It’s your gift.

AARON: But I can’t do anything with it. You should have gotten me
something I could use, man.

ROSALYN: Aaron, why are you being so ungrateful? When someone gets
you a gift you always thank them. It’s not about the gift; it’s
the simple fact that they got you one. Remember, it’s the thought
that counts.

AARON: Well, there was no thought in it.

HAZEL: Aaron you’re being rude.

AARON: This is all ya’ll fault. You shouldn’t have thrown this
party to begin with.

LISA: Shut up, Aaron; open my gift.

Lisa hands him the gift

Aaron opens the gift

AARON: Wow, this is awesome.

WESLEY: Whoa, the new iPod which features the same multi-touch screen
technology as iPhone. You can scroll through your songs and videos
with a simple flick. It also has Cover Flow, which means you can flip
through your library by album artwork. Plus, you can surf the web with
Wi-Fi and also browse the web using Safari and watch YouTube videos on
the gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen display.

AARON: Goodness, did you want it?

WESLEY: Yeah, can I have it?

LISA: Wesley, no. It’s his birthday gift.

AARON: How about this, any time you come to visit, I will allow you to
use it. How does that sound?

WESLEY: That’s totally tubular dude.

AARON: Apparently, you’ve been watching Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles. Well, I think that is all the gifts.

WESLEY: No, I have a gift for you.

AARON: Oh really?

WESLEY: Yes, here you go.

Wesley hands him the gift

AARON: Wow, this is pretty big. What is it?

WESLEY: You have to open it to figure that out.

AARON: Okay.

[End of Extract]

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