The Christmas Dream by Cabel Price

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Act 1 Scene 1

(The lights dim up on stage after Rocking Around the Christmas Tree to show mom and all the kids around the Christmas tree decorating it (minus Marge). Dad is off stage.)

Dad (Screams off Stage): Where are the outside Christmas lights? Mom: Are they not in the attic?

Dad: No, I can’t find them.

Mom: I bet if I came and looked I would find them, you're just not looking in the right places.

Dad (sarcastically): It’s an attic, how many places can there be to look.

Mom: Alright kids get ready for bed, brush them teeth, and Mike will you please try to find something else to sleep in besides the same fire truck pajamas. I’ll be up there in a min. to check everyone. So you better be in bed by the time I get up there.

Janice: But what about Marge?

Julie: Isn’t she coming home tonight? Mike: I’m not even sleepy.

Corey: Do we have to go to bed?

Mom: Alright. Yes Marge is coming home tonight, and ya’ll can come down when she comes. But until then get ready for bed.

(Younger kids exit stage)

Dad (Walks onstage): Honey, are you sure they're in the attic? I mean I have to have them if we want to out do the Robinson’s this year. You know how they’re house is all spruced up, and they always win the best Christmas Light House Award. And I don’t stand a chance if I don’t find them lights.

(Mom rolls her eyes walks off stage and walks right back on with lights) Dad (to Lucy): How does she do that?

Mom (Jokingly): It’s called something that women have that men don’t have?

Dad (Scratches his head) : What?

Mom: A Brain.

Lucy (looking at Jared): I second that. (Mom and Lucy high five each other)

Jared: Mom!!!

Mom: No offense Jared, I was talking about married men.

Dad: You just wait till you see me win that plaque, I’ve got a lot more brains than you think.

(Stage lights dim off)

Act 1 Scene 2

(Mom and Dad are still up, with the older kids sitting around the table, Spotlight focuses in on the family around the table)

Mom (Changing the subject): So Lucy, Jared what do ya’ll want for christmas this (Lucy interrupts before mom can finish)

Lucy (Excitingly): I want a newer version of the kindle? Mines outdated. and I also want to win the Ugliest Christmas sweater contest at school.

Jared (Sees opportunity and takes it, Jokingly): It don’t have to be Christmas time for you to win that one.

(Jared highfives Dad) Lucy: Mom!!!!

Mom: All right you’re both even, and what’s wrong with the old kindle, books never outdate (looks at dad with a “don’t you even think about it look”)? Jared what would you like for Christmas?

Jared: I don’t know, honestly. I (Dad Interrupts)

Dad: All right, you heard him, he doesn’t want anything.

Jared: Truth be told you're right, I don’t want anything, besides a two free long weeks that I don’t have to see Mrs. Asher. How I dislike her. Too much homework.

Dad: Well congratulations, I have given you that time off. I called the school board and told them my kids need off. So that’s why you're off. Two weeks free of Mrs. Asher it is. (Laughs).

Lucy: That’s, not why we're off, we’re off because of winter break, mom what do you want for christmas?

Mom (Compassionately): For all my family to be here, which reminds me, Lucy, your older sister, should be here any moment from college. So you’ll have to make room for her in your bedroom. (Attitude shifts from nice to competitive), And I also want to throw the best christmas party on the block. Everdine doesn’t have nothing on me this year, she may of had the mayor at her party but I’ll have the governor at mine.

Lucy (Uneasy): Ooookkkkaaayyyy.

(The audience hears a knock on the door, it startles the family, the mom goes to see who it is, it is Marge. When mom and marge come back, the whole stage is back to normal lighting.)

Mom: Awwwww, Margie, welcome home, my first Christmas wish came true, maybe my other one will come true now?

Marge: Mom, please you haven’t called me Margie since I was like 6, and what other Christmas wish?

Lucy (Sternly): Don’t even get her started, it was nothing. Right mom, nothing.

Mom: Awww, it’s so great to see you (hugs Margie), we were just talking about what we wanted for christmas? (Yells to younger kids) Come on down kids, Marge is here.

(Younger kids come storming up the stairs, and they all start screaming marge, and they are excited to see her. Lucy starts to yawn, and so does Jared, Marge and parents decide to sit on couch, and younger kids are on the floor, and Jared and Lucy are getting ready to leave).

(Younger kids have a yucky face, at the mention of boyfriends)

Mom: So how’s college, any new boyfriends, or you still stuck to music.

Marge: College is well you know, college. Yes I’m still stuck to music, after all that is what I got a scholarship for. And yes I am looking at a guy.

Dad: Thata girl. Wait, what?

Mom: Why don’t we finish with our conversation about what we want for Christmas. So Marge what do you want for Christmas?

(Kids are all jumping around at the sound of Christmas)

Lucy: Ya’ll can talk about Christmas all you want too, I’m going to bed, I have a long day preparing my sweater tomorrow if I’m gonna win.

Mom: Lucy, Marge just got home. Stay up a little while. (Lucy ignores her and keeps walking off stage)

Jared: I’m going to bed to, and hey Lucy (Lucy turns around), just wear what you're already wearing, that’ll guarantee you a spot in the finals.

Lucy: Ohhhh that’s it.

(Lucy chases Jared off stage, kids are still excited to tell what they want for Christmas).

Mom: Teenagers…….

Marge: Mom I think, I’ll let the kids tell us what they want first, they seem more excited than I do.

Mom: Yes they do. Janice, we'll start with you, what do you want for christmas?

Janice: I want a new baby doll. That moves her eyes and that can talk.

Mom: You’ve been really good this year, I’ll see what I can get Santa to get for you.

Mike: Me, pick me, I want to tell you what I want for Christmas!!! Corey: No, pick me.

Julie: No I want to tell you what I want for christmas!!!!

Mom: Julie, you go first, tell me what you want for christmas.

(Mike and Corey looks aggravated)

Julie: I want new softball gear, my other ones are getting dirty. Mike: And I want a new toy fire engine.

Corey: And I want Bycicle.

Marge: You have grown a lot this year Julie, and by the time softball starts next year you’ll have grown some more. Mike I see you still like them firetrucks. Corey a bike, if that what you really want. I’ll be sure to tell Santa, what ya’ll want this year, I personally know him.

Younger kids all together: Yay!!!!!!!! Dad (Shocked): You do?

Marge: As a matter of fact I do. We’ll I’m tired of driving all day, and want to rest. So I’ll see you in the morning.

Dad: You not going to tell us what you want for christmas this year sweetheart, or ask your old parents what they want?

Marge: Well I already got what I wanted for Christmas, I passed all my finals (Mom is all excited on the couch). And I’m here with my family. Moms done told me what she wanted, and I know what you want dad, because you’ve been wanting it for all the Christmases I can remember, you got to do more with lights than just hang them dad in order to win. Put music to them, like they do in the 21st century. Anyways I’m tired, and hungry, so i’m going to grab a bite to eat and go to bed. Good night.

(They all exchange their goodnights, and exit the stage, the lights dim off and this ends Act 1)

[End of Extract]

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