The Beautiful Origin by Chris Rodarte

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(Kane awakes to find himself alone. He sits up trying to look for
girl. He begins searching every place that she could be. He stops near
the river and looks upon Abel and girl playing in the water. He stares
furiously at Abel. Girl stops and kisses Abel passionately. Kane
screams at the top of his lungs and races back to the birth site.)




You will never have her while he is around. Think of it Kane, no Abel.
Only the lamb.
(In the distance loud shouting by GIRL is heard.)

Kane?! Kane?!

(Kane stands and hides behind a tree. Both Girl and Abel slowly
approach the birth site. She continues to call Kane's' name. Abel
stops and perches himself above a small flower sprouting from the


(Abel does not move, he is mesmerized by the weak flower bud. Girl
continues without him, calling out to Kane. Abel places his pointer
finger on the tip of the flower bud. The bud begins to grow into a
beautiful flower, Abel's face grows into a smile. Abel stops and turns
to Kane, Kane holds a large branch.)


(Kane swings the branch, hitting Abel in the face, causing Abel to
fall backwards. Kane picks up a large rock near him and lifts it above
his head, walking toward Abel.)


(Kane drops the large rock upon Abel's head, killing Abel instantly.
Kane burst into a fit of emotions, beginning with laughter, then
confusion, which follows with pure and uncontrollable sadness.)


(Girl has witnessed the entire scene. She stands holding a sharp
jagged rock behind her back. Kane stands full of childish fear as Girl
slowly walks toward him. He backs himself into a tree and stops. She
places her hand on his face, caressing it softly. She kisses his lips,
then whispers.)

For me. For Abel.

(Girl takes the rock and begins carving the letter K below Kane's eye.
His screams are matched by the pain which he caused. She backs away to
see him filling with rage as his new mark bleeds profusely. His hand
rises toward her, she burst into flames as he watches full of
unkindled rage. Her screams echo through the forest, finally dying
down as she falls to the ground, burning into ash.)



GOD! My GOD! GOD please!
(Kane falls to his knees.)



(Kane looks toward the sky as his wound slowly heals. A loud pitch
screech is heard in the distance, Kane startled, runs toward the
shadows of the forest. Kane continues toward the center of darkness.
The path, which almost appears to be made for his journey, leading him
deeper and deeper into an imaginary nirvana. Kane looks to his belly,
he places his hands upon it. He looks up to see a rabbit in the
distance ahead. He hunches down like a savage ape, and waits, planning
how to capture his prey. He begins to pursue his prey, chasing it
toward the darkness. He stops then peers to his immediate left. A
beautiful girl is partially crucified to a tree. Slowly Kane steps
toward her, analyzing how pristine her condition is at the moment. He
stops to stand before her and stares blissfully into her sleeping
face. He climbs the tree to remove the misshaped steaks that are
pinning her up. Removing them, she gently falls to his arms. Kane then
takes her body to the river which corresponds to his path.)


(Carrying her lifeless body to the river, he reaches the riverbed.
Still holding her body, he embraces her with the depth of the river.
Kane stares into the sky holding her body just above the water.)

GOD. Save her?

(Kane gently dunks her body into the river. Her wounds begin to wash
away. Her eyes open in the water to see Kane's' face. He lifts her
head above the water, girl gasping for air. She rubs her eyes,
standing fully with Kane in the river. She looks to him, then she
begins caressing his face.)


(Kane holds his hand out to the girl, she looks upon his hand and
gently places her hand in his. Kane guiding the girl, both slowly walk
deeper and deeper into the abysmal forest. A golden glow is seen in
the distance, Kane begins walking towards it. Kane slowly walks toward
what appears to be a golden tree with an apple hanging from a single
branch. The girl looks timidly at the apple, she looks to her belly
and then looks to Kane. Kane lets go of her hand, gently placing his
hand upon the apple.)

Where is thy brother Kane?

(Kane turns his head to see a golden ghost of his brother in the
opposite distance. Kane becomes infuriated, he jolts toward the ghost,
but stops. He turns his head back toward the girl. He walks again
towards the apple and places his hand upon it.)


(Kane picks the apple, and gives it to the girl. She places it between
her teeth and takes a bite. Girl's eyes flare, she looks at her
environment in pure wonder. Curious, Kane takes the apple from her
hand and takes a bite.
Kane's eyes flare, his reality begins twisting and melting around him.
He sits against the tree, his mind folding deeper and deeper into

God, am I thy brothers' keeper? God? What is God? What are you God?
These words which spill from my mouth, are they my own? This apple I
eat, an image of tomorrow that has been eaten away. Oh what have I
done? My skin I touch, holds my being in place. The ground I stand
upon, nothing more than layers of life that were once before? My
tongue, lashing at the air to find some truth that waits from afar. My
Brother, O' Brother why have you deserted me, yet the burning soul
which I bear is glad that you rot in the ground. You should have not
taken such beauty away from! I took life to have her, yet what did you
do? You! God, who delicately whispers from above. Answer me without
deceit in your heart, and a dark future contrived from your mind!


How much it saddens me that silence is the deadliest blow to my life.
How much suffering I brought to those delivering silence upon me. An
apple gave me life, yet someone greater believes they did. I was given
shape, not depth. I was given form, not structure. I was given life,
not existence.

(Kane stares at his arm, a snake has taken grasp of it. The snake
slowly slithers around his arm then begins devouring itself after
knotting itself around Kane's' arm. As it devours itself the
constriction of it's' body becomes painful. Kane, simply stares,
analyzing the beauty of the moment's significance. His smile drops,
which then the snake catches on fire. Slowly transforming into ash
which then gradually floats away with the wind. Girl crawls beside
Kane, she holds him shivering. Kane doing his best to keep her warm,
fights the heaviness of his eyes. Slowly, but surely his eyes close.)


Kane stands alone in the forest, he is afraid, unaware of his
location. He hears the laughter of Abel and his lover in the distance.
Kane walks toward the laughter, which he reaches with a sudden stop.
He gazes upon Abel lying with Abel's lover in a small secluded patch
of grass. They are staring toward the sky, motionless, as if chained
to the ground. Kane, oddly curious, sets his gaze toward the sky. He
is stunned, looking to see that the sky is a giant eye staring back at
him. He turns running in the opposite direction. As he is running, he
looks to his feet, he realizes he is running upon skin. He stops and
looks up once more to see a giant version of himself staring at him.
Kane falls backwards as the giant hand brings him close

[end of extract]

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