Skin Deep by JoVan Fort

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(At the office, Donnie is sitting at his desk doing paperwork and is bothered by all of the paperwork he has in front of him. He looks through papers, writes and he is overwhelmed with his work and irritated.)

Man, what is this? I have to get this done before next week. These inspectors are on my case about these projects and my crew is behind schedule, Damn!!

(Donnie’s cell phone rings. Donnie looks at his phone and smiles and licks his lips, answers phone in his “playa” voice)


(On the other end of the line it’s a girl that he just met and Donnie is trying to impress her)

(voice over)
Hey Donnie baby.

Tess baby, what’s going on?

(voice over)

I was just thinking about you so I decided to call. And I was also wondering when you were going to invite me to your penthouse.

Oh you ready ready, to come over huh, and see if I’m really living how I say I am huh?

( voice over)

Well I’m only going off of what you tell me.

Yeah, yeah, fasho fasho.

(Donnie’s assistant walks in feeling a little irritable with Donnie)

Donnie we have bills piling up because you want to live the luxury lifestyle and running around town with these random people and women you know nothing about, we're going to be broke and while you trying to stunt for them our business is going from “sugar to shit”.

(Girl on phone, WHAT? I don’t mess with no broke guys Donnie)

Our guys are behind on this project and we need to be done by next week if we want to see a profit.

(Donnie rushes to get off the phone)

(Both Tiffany and Tess run together with their talking and Donnie tries to hurry off the phone)

(Nervously said)

Broke! Nah baby just a little misunderstanding about some business.

TESS (voice over)

Oh, okay now, cause if you’re broke and fronting you can forget it, I don’t give this good good to no broke men (nigga), Okay!

I got to go.

(voice over)

Okay now, don’t be broke.

I got to go!

(Tess just keeps talking)

I gotta go, I gotta go.

(Donnie hangs up the phone and looks at Tiffany with a cold mean stare and begins to yell at her)

Why are you busting into my office talking about business while I’m on the phone.

Well, at least one of us is talking about the business. Aye(In mafia voice)

(As Donnie begins to talk and respond to Tiffany….Tiffany goes into a deep stare and begins to fantasize about Donnie; And Tiffany begins to move his lips and body as Donnie explains something to Tiffany)

(voice over)

(Oooooowa, he knows he's fine, look at that chest, he’s strong and his hands OH! I can feel them all over my body, runnig his hand down to my ……….)

(Tiffany throws her head back)

(Voice over - YES!)

(Tiffany grips the chair she is sitting in)

(Voice Over - While I’m rubbing my hand in his head while he’s sucking, licking and kissing all over my body. And between my legs, sucking on my cli…..)

(Donnie jumps in and breaks her from her fantasy)


(With her hand between her legs)


Did you hear me about the paperwork that needs to get done that’s on my desk?

Umm, uh huh, yes you can get it on your desk.


(said with confusion)

I can get it on my desk?

(Still kinda in her trans)

Yes you can.

No! You can get that paperwork off my desk, that’s your job.

Oh yeah, yeah the paperwork on your desk yeah. I’ll take care of that right away Donnie.

(aggressively said)

Now get that done, I have to go take care of something!

(Donnie walks out and Tiffany walks around to Donnie’s desk and looks at all the paperwork that’s on his desk and she gets overwhelmed)

Bill, bills and more bills. Payroll, return calls and blah, blah blah.

(Tiffany takes a deep breath and gets to work on the overwhelming paperwork task)

[End of Extract]

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