Shell Beach by Scott Peeler


This Play is the copyright of the Author and must NOT be Performed without the Author's PRIOR consent

SHELLEY has finally found her way to the house she is renting with ROSEMARY despite extreme fog

It is late at night and there is no cell coverage

She isn’t sure she’s at the right house but she knocks on the door

At long last, ROSEMARY answers the door

SHELLEY (Frantic): Oh, thank God you’re still up. The drive up
Highway 1 was terrible. The fog was awful; visibility was just…. I
opened all the windows, but it didn’t help. You didn’t warn me
about how twisty the road is.

ROSEMARY (Hugging her): Please, please, come inside. Let me help you
with your bags. Honey, I’ve been waiting for you. I saw the fog come
in. I’ve been so worried.

SHELLEY: Well, I’m here, at least.

ROSEMARY takes some of SHELLEY’s bags and takes them to her room.

ROSEMARY: This is your room.

SHELLEY takes in the room.

SHELLEY: It’s very nice. Thank you.

ROSEMARY: The bathroom is just down the hall on the left.


ROSEMARY: There’s also a loft upstairs with a skylight. You can gaze
at the stars all night.

SHELLEY: I’ll have to check it out later.

ROSEMARY: Are you hungry? I could make you a fried egg sandwich. My
dad used to make them for me when I craved a late-night nosh. A fried
egg on sourdough with white onions and yellow mustard. Comfort food.

SHELLEY: I’m fine, thanks.

ROSEMARY (After a beat): Wait until you see it in the daylight.

SHELLEY: The room?

ROSEMARY: The view.

SHELLEY: The view?

ROSEMARY: The fog will lift, and we’ll take a walk tomorrow morning.
It’s spectacular.

SHELLEY: (Hesitating) Is it OK that I’m here?

ROSEMARY: Of course it is, honey. (As she closes SHELLEY’s bedroom
door) I’ll see you in the morning. Sleep tight.

ROSEMARY leaves SHELLEY’s room and turns out the lights in the house
one by one, then retires to her bedroom.

[End of Extract]


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