Our Romantic Tale by Courtney Asunmaa


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Enter Abby and Amelia into their log cabin in the forest. Abby and
Amelia walked onto the front porch in the afternoon. They both sat
down in rocking chairs next to each other. They were overlooking the
forest of trees as they relaxed next to each other. They took in the
vibrant scene of nature.

ABBY Let's relax out here. As it is nice outside.

AMELIA It is nice out here this afternoon.

ABBY Yes. It is.

AMELIA I am just happy that I am spending it with you. As you are a
big part of my happiness. I knew of an ignorant happiness that
fulfilled my basic needs. I knew of numbness, depression, loss,
unhappiness, pain, sorrow, and bouts of joy. I never knew of true
happiness until you. I never knew of the immense amount of joy that
you could bring to me and how you can make me smile. For I had never
truly loved anyone until now.

ABBY I am glad. For I have never loved until now. For it has been you
all along that I have loved. For it has been you that has caught my
attention and my heart.

AMELIA You have captured my heart and my sight. For I have never seen
such a true beauty until now.

ABBY You are love to me.

AMELIA I am love to you. As you are love to me. May we forever dance
beautifully in this love of ours.

ABBY For our hearts perfectly mend together.

AMELIA I want to spend the rest of time with you.

ABBY I do as well.

AMELIA I let you carry my heart on yours. As I carry you on mine.

ABBY I carry your heart on mine.

AMELIA For what is being in love without your lover? It is

ABBY Indeed. It is.

AMELIA I like just getting lost and spending time with you. I would
ask for no other.

ABBY Like the wind that sweeps leaves up and away. Do I find myself
getting swept in this love.

AMELIA For you have loved me truly and I have loved you truly.

ABBY Time stops and melts with us.

AMELIA Beauty. That we are. Grace do you have. Love has conquered the
both of us.

ABBY Love has conquered the both of our hearts.

AMELIA Until you, I knew not what love was.

ABBY For our love runs deeper than anything.

AMELIA You have spoken for my heart. As I have spoken for your heart.

ABBY As hearts do speak to each other.

AMELIA The heart is lonely and looks for another heart. When it does
find love, then it takes off into flight. Where beauty slowly begins
to unravel.

ABBY One is touched from within.

AMELIA As do lovers collide from within.

ABBY Embrace my heart as I do yours.

AMELIA For I do, my love.

ABBY For it has been you who has stolen my heart.

AMELIA Forever do I become captivated.

ABBY Once I found you. I knew that there was no one else for me.

AMELIA For my heart is truly yours. I surrender my heart to you.

ABBY As love unfolds among us for each other.

AMELIA Until the moment that I met you, I never had seen a true beauty
or had known of love until you. For you have set my heart free.

ABBY You have set my heart free too.

AMELIA Love has taken us down under.

ABBY Our love has caught my eye.

AMELIA For my heart remains yours.

ABBY Is it love that we long for? Is our love meant to bring us

AMELIA We do long for love in a certain sense. As we want a lover to
share our life with. We want to love someone deeply. We want to share
ourselves with our lover. One wants to be loved and cherished. Love
immerses us, then, in passion. Is our love meant to bring us together?
Yes, it is. For our love should mold our hearts into beautiful
sculptures. These capture us in every imaginable way. Our love does
bring us together.

ABBY Some just can idly sit and accidentally fall in love.

AMELIA Yes. That too.

ABBY For that is what love brings us.

AMELIA Love brought us together.

ABBY We can get lost in this romance together. And yes, we do get lost
in this romance together.

AMELIA Love is a funny thing. It can come around and touch your life

ABBY We are in love.

AMELIA Life is about finding yourself and making yourself. It is about
becoming who you want to be and are. It is about having an
extraordinary life and not a provincial life. You do this even when
you are in a relationship. Hopefully, while finding yourself in a
relationship is where you complement the other person and don't
outgrow them. Life is about deep thinking and thoughts that you
reflect upon and grow from.

ABBY You should be able to find yourself while being in a
relationship. The other person should even help you find yourself. If
you truly love the other person, then she should become a part of your

AMELIA Lovers share their lives together. They become a big part of
each other's lives. Life is about finding that girl that you are
going to spend the rest of your life with and that you love.

ABBY I plan on spending the rest of my life with you.

AMELIA I plan on spending the rest of my life with you, too.

ABBY One should continue to grow and expand one's horizons
throughout life. One should continually try to improve oneself.

AMELIA It is about finding one's passions.

ABBY Some of us search for something deeper in life. We seek out
something deep and enlightening. We seek out love. We seek out beauty.
We seek out pleasure. We seek out masterpieces. We seek out

AMELIA We seek out something more to life. Something that is
extraordinary. Life is about the romance of life. Romancing when
sincere is beautiful and pleasurable.

ABBY Life is kind of like that.

AMELIA Life is about finding purpose and romance with yourself. It is
about being happy with yourself. It is about being okay alone. Yet, if
you happen to find someone to share your life with, that is great. You
then can romance them. Your other half is supposed to make you better.
She should make you happy. She should make you realize your potential.
She should encourage you to do the best that you can and more.

ABBY We do that both for each other.

AMELIA Yes. We do.

ABBY Life is about becoming who you are and who you are meant to be.

AMELIA Life can be deep.

ABBY Yes. It can be.

AMELIA The purpose of life would be about yourself and finding
yourself. It would be about becoming who you are meant to be. The
purpose of life can be in finding a lover to share your life with.
Yet, we don't always find someone to love and we remain alone.

ABBY Some people are to selfish too ever love anybody more than

AMELIA Yes. I agree, but we are not those people. We are selfless.

ABBY A big part of life is finding oneself and purpose. It is finding
our passions. It is finding our likes and dislikes.

AMELIA Yes. It is also finding one's lover. It is having no
annoyances with one's lover. It is one being true to oneself. It is
about my lover complimenting me by being beautiful.

ABBY Life is about being satisfied and not being satisfied.

AMELIA When you are with your lover, you should be emotionally
connected, sexually turned on, passionate about her, in tune with
their needs and wants. These are just some of the things that a lover

ABBY We have that. We are in tune with each other's emotions. Most
of that is due to both being women.

AMELIA We get each other emotionally and we are sensitive to each
other's emotions.

ABBY We just get each other. We know what each other needs and wants.
You give me everything that I need and more. We complement each other.

AMELIA It is about the deep conversations that we have. These
conversations are not shallow or vapid. They are not gossip. Most
people do not have deep conversations, but we do.

ABBY It is about finding things that we are passionate about such as
hobbies. I am passionate about you as my lover.

AMELIA I am passionate about you as my lover. I enjoy traveling and

ABBY I enjoy walking with you on the beach. Especially, when you hold
my hand and comfort me. It lets you know that I am yours and you are
mine. I like it how you claim me as yours. I also think it's funny
when you try to carry me away anytime that you get mad or that we are
having an argument.

AMELIA I am glad that you think my jealousy is funny.

ABBY Indeed it is.

They continued rocking in their rocking chairs

They look at the scenic view and then back at each other


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