The Garden of Eden on the Sixth Day Side-by-Side by Scott Elliott


Clergy: (Clergy picks up a Bible and opens it. The scripture set out below is from The World English Bible translation, as are each of the scripture quotes in this script.) That story, the story of Adam and Eve, begins like this:
“God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. . . God planted a garden eastward, in Eden, and there he put the man whom he had formed. Out of the ground . . . God made every tree to grow that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food, including the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

Clergy can sit down behind the pulpit or remain standing and watch as the director sees fit.

God enters carrying a clipboard and barking out orders to the two trailing angels Michael and Satan. Michael, first in line, has a pair of garden gloves in her pocket and is weighted down lugging in an armful of garden tools. Satan carries in a very light load of store-bought packaged seeds.

God: Come along! That spirited mud pie I formed from humus to human and breathed life into is now a living creature in need of a garden. I’d like these trees up and growing before we all take tomorrow off. (Looks at list on clipboard) Let’s see, Michael why don’t you plant the tree of knowledge of good and evil over here. I’ve already told the human: “ “You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but you shall not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for in the day that you eat of it, you will surely die.” (Aside to Michael). Which isn’t instantly what will happen, but’s a necessary part of the plot. (pats Michael on the shoulder working on the tree) Great, you are such an angel. And Satan, uh, you can plant the tree of life right here. (Satan leans against a pitchfork and opens a bag of sunflower seeds putting some in his mouth). Come on, up and at ‘em, Satan. You need to work on that devil-may-care attitude. (Satan starts to work). That’s better. Great. Thanks. I’ll go get that human while you are finishing up. And listen I don’t want the human to see your faces – or those tools– so make yourselves scarce before I get back. (God starts out, stops, and says the following) Beings made of humus being called human? Pretty good species pun (to audience ) don’t you think? Hey maybe you can help, the first one I make’s going to need a personal name. Help me out here, I need a name that sounds like dirt for this guy. What do you think of the name Clay? How ‘bout Dusty? Any ideas? Or hey, its name could be Mud. Okay, what about Sandy? Rocky? (If no one suggests “Adam” skip the next sentence) Someone keeps saying “Adam.” (Thinks for a second like he has heard it before) Wait a minute (flips through clipboard). Ah, yes. (Taps clipboard) Look (shows congregation) this story will first be recorded in Hebrew. Check it out. The Hebrew word for earth is “Adamah. Hey how about Adam? How’s that sound? I like it too. (Exiting God says to herself), “Adam.” Oh, that ought to get a rib out of the creature . . . Hey, that gives me another idea.

As God is speaking the angels get the trees “growing.” Michael alone should put real fruit on the tree of knowledge. If business is needed for Satan he can place fruit on other plants for Adam to eat. On or about the time God exits Eden should be in full bloom. At some point Michael begins to look through binoculars at birds and things eventually looking around to the direction God will reenter from with Adam and Eve.

Michael: Whoa, check it out. It looks like God is going to make two earth creatures out of that one.

Satan: (Grabbing the binoculars from Michael Satan looks out toward God too). Oh cool one of them looks like it will be smaller and weaker than the other. (Next sentence said in sing-song) Someone is going to get walloped in everything. (Abruptly drops sing-song) I can hardly wait to help out. Too bad there is no such thing as wrong for them yet. Hey, wanna bet on which creature is first to discover right from wrong?

Michael: Sure. Who do you bet on?

Satan: Are you kidding? First is always best. I’ll take the bigger of the two. The misbegotten one is gonna be second class. (Aside) I’ll see to that. (Back to Michael) I bet on the big one. And the loser has to uh . . . oh, I got it, wear horns and a tail for a million years.

Michael: If first is best, why aren’t you betting on something like a frog or a dog? They were made before humans.(Thinks about bet). Tell you what, though, you’re on. I’m going with the notion that the last shall be first. God’s creations do keep getting better and better.

Satan: So it’s a bet? (Shakes hands with Michael and searches for seeds). You are going to look mighty funny with a tail. (Patronizing) Though the horns might look cute (musses Michael’s hair). I am getting out of here.

Michael: Why?

Satan: I don’t need any more trouble with God. We’re supposed to make ourselves scarce, remember? Ciao. (Satan begins to exit)

Michael: Hey, what about the tools?

Satan: Fine. (Satan stomps back over and takes the pitch fork exiting in a hurry)

Michael: (Michael is left bumbling with the awkward tools as she sees God enter). Oh dear.

God sees Michael, but before Eve and Adam arrive with God Michael scoots behind the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Her arm sleeve and glove later serve as the face of the snake. Buttons or lines are set on the glove to make the eyes and nose. Sarah’s thumb will serve as the mouth. Adam and Eve enter in a wheelbarrow being pushed by God. They are sitting back-to-back. Eve is in the front. Adam is in back.

[End of Extract]

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