Fellow by David Andeson

This Play is the copyright of the Author and must NOT be Performed without the Author's PRIOR consent

(ALEX sits at a table with a tall empty glass in front of him.
Behind the glass stands two bottles of vodka.

One bottle is half empty, the other bottle is full.

Sitting next to the bottle of vodka is a half-filled bottle of cola.

Alex reaches for the bottle of cola. In mid-reach, he changes his mind.

He grabs for the full bottle of vodka. He opens the bottle of

Pours a little vodka into the glass... he adds more
vodka. He places the bottle of vodka back into place. He grabs
the bottle of cola. Opens the bottle of cola. Pours some into
the glass.

He puts the bottle of cola down. He lifts the glass
as if he is making a toast. He does a quick head bob and drinks
in some of his drink. He places the glass back onto the table.)

ALEX:(yells) Alexandra! Alex-andra... Alexandra! Alex-andra...
Alexandra! Alex-andra...

(On the table is a nickel-plated CALL BELL. Alex takes his hand
and hits the top of the BELL, DING, he hits the BELL again,
DING, he then lays into the BELL, DING, DING, DING, DING.
ALEXANDRA enters from stage right.)

ALEX: So I'm vile for being happy I exist?

ALEXANDRA: You're a terrible human being.

ALEX: Let's take a moment to celebrate you.

(Alex raises his glass and drinks. He puts the glass down.)

ALEXANDRA: Kick rocks.

ALEX: Better to kick rocks then use them to stone you.

ALEXANDRA: What was that now?

ALEX: Sit... drink with me.

ALEXANDRA: I will leave you alone.

End of extract

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