Christmas in Panto Land by Patricia Crosthwaite

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Act I

Scene 1 The Attic

(Spot light on curtain. Top Hatted Dancer: just her hand, then face
through centre curtain and beckons to audience whilst miming to music
then whole person enters through centre of curtains beckoning to the
audience. Mime and dance to music)

Music 1.

(Curtains open whilst music still playing. Stage has a large mirror
near the side flat at an angle, all the cast of characters move in
slow motion backwards into the mirror and off stage as though
disappearing through the mirror. Then the curtains close.)

Scene 2 The House

(Enter Gran, child 1 and child 2 to the roster blocks which are in
front of the curtains, to the right. On the rosters are a rocking
chair, bean bags, books etc. Gran sits in the chair and the children
stand near her.)

GRAN: I know, I know. You have already said you are bored, but I
told you before, (pause) I'm very busy today, (pause) we have the
Christmas Fair to arrange. So you must entertain yourselves.

CH 1: Awwww please Gran, tell us a story.

CH 2: Oooh yes please Gran.

CH 1: Just a short one (pause) awww go on Gran, please.

GRAN: Oh, you two, what are you like? Go on then, just a short one.
Come and sit down.

(Ch 1 &2 show general excitement and then sit on the bean bags.)

GRAN: Let me see now, what story can I tell you?

CH 2: Make it a nice one.

CH 1: No make it scary.

CH 2: Tell us a true story.

CH 1: No tell us about witches and wizards.

GRAN: How about I tell you one with all those things, shall I?

CH 1 &2: Ohhh, yes please.

GRAN: Alright then, short though, because I haven't got much time.

(They settle down and get comfy.)

GRAN: Some time ago two children were playing upstairs in the attic
of this very house, when they came across an old mirror, covered in an
old cloth. When the children asked about it later that day, their
Gran told them that it was a magic mirror, and if they could work out
the magic words around it, they would be able to go through it into
Pantomime Land.
The children tried and tried until one day they discovered the words
and went through the mirror. At first it was fun, they met Red Riding
Hood, Jack and his Beanstalk, the Panto Dame, Cinderella and many
more, but soon they met a very bad man, who had witches and wizards
working for him. The children ran away, but in their panic they got
split up. One child got back through the mirror to safety. The other
was never seen again. (Dramatic pause) The End.

CH 1: Awww Gran is that it?

CH 2: Is that the end?

CH 1: Is there really a magic mirror in the attic?

GRAN: I must go now (standing) I won't be long, and behave
yourselves while I'm gone.

(Gran exits.)

CH 2: Well! What are we going to do now?

CH 1: Shall we look to see if that mirror is still in the attic?

CH 2: Don't be daft, it was only a story (picking up a book to

CH 1: I'll go on my own then (walks onto stage and through curtains
as they slowly open).

Scene 3 The Mirror

(Stage is split into 2 halves stage right is the house attic and stage
left is the wood.)

Repeat of Music 1.

(Ch 1 is looking around attic and finds the mirror. Finds magic words
"RORRIM CIGAM" near the mirror, mimes the words and then finds she
can step through the mirror and then they hide at the side.)

Music 2.

(Stage left lights come on. Witches and wizards enter stage left
dancing around a central figure B.P - 'the bad person', who is

B.P: My friends, please sit. (All sit except Bad Person (B.P)) I
called you all here today to discuss our forth coming triumph. We
must all work together to steal "The Magic Tree Fairy" and replace
her with one of mine from my spell workshop. We have made a replica
of her and the spell will soon be on it, then Panto Land will be under
our power. Now go, we will meet again at the appointed time.

B.P exits stage).

W WINNIE: (Calling after him) Wait B.P, how are we going to swap the
tree fairy for yours?

W MARVIN: B.P will sort that out.

W WINNIE: How are we going to steal the tree fairy?

W MARVIN: B.P will sort that as well.

W WINNIE: We'd better know soon, there's not much time.

W MARVIN: B.P will sort it all. Now gather your little ones and
teach them this week's lessons.

W WINNIE: Witchy Poo, come and help me.

WITCHY POO: Yes my sister, what can I do?

W WINNIE: Gather the juniors, it's time for cackling lessons.

WITCHY POO: Very well, juniors, take your places (claps hands).

(All junior witches and wizards gather round.)

W WINNIE: Now. We'll start with our daily song, to get us in the

Song 1.

(Song 1 words to the tune of "Happiness":
Wickedness, Wickedness,
The greatest gift for all of us
We thank B.P that we possess
More than our share of Wickedness.)

W MARVIN: Well done juniors. Now listen carefully to your teacher.

(W Marvin exits.)

W LITTLE: Can I join in? I can never get the hang of cackling and my
WWEs are due soon.

JUNIOR 1: What's a WWE?

JUNIOR 2: (Laughs) Don't you know what a WWE is?

JUNIOR 1: No why should I?

JUNIOR 2: Course you should. It's your exams too.

W LITTLE: That's right. It stands for Witch and Wizard Exams, and
all of you will have to take them when you are my age, so take notice
or you'll fail and be banned or have to take them all over again.
B.P won't be pleased then, will he?

JUNIORS: (All mumble together.)

(W Winnie is in control of the cackling lesson where she shows them
how to cackle and then each child gets a turn at cackling and they are
all different and she comments on how good they are or what they need
to change. All the witches and wizards then exit.)

(Ch 1 steps back into the attic through the mirror, comes through as
the curtains close behind them and goes to Ch 2 who is still on the
roster block.)

Scene 4 The House

CH 2: Where have you been?

CH 1: You'll never guess. I've been through the mirror and I
heard a man talking to witches and wizards and stuff, and talking
about stealing a fairy and spells, it sounded really important.

CH 2: Don't tell lies.

CH 1: Its true, honest.

CH 2: Show me.

(Ch 1 and Ch 2 walk up through the stage curtains as they start to
open and they mime the magic words and walk through the mirror as a
repeat of Music 1 occurs and they walk off stage. Curtains then close
and music stops.)

[end of extract]

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