Whodunnit, Darling?

Whodunnit, Darling? $10.99

Charles Edward Pogue & Larry Drake

Published by Dramatic Publishing

5 Male 2 Female

A comedy mystery set in the 1930s - the era of the sophisticated sleuth

"It's a matter of life and death!"

So reads the telegram that urgently summons gentleman sleuth Damocles Cole to a dude ranch

And it was death

Dam's client, Horace Crenshaw, has been both stabbed and shot

But Dam notices the telegram was sent after Crenshaw was already dead

Sent by Dam's ex-wife, Daphne

They're divorced because Daphne wrote a lurid murder mystery based on one of Dam's exploits

She even fashioned her detective hero on him

But Dam was far from flattered

And now Daphne has lured him to this crime scene because she desperately needs a little inspiration for the sequel

And because she's still in love with him

But Dam plays it close to his chest with both his ex-wife and the eccentric array of suspects ...

Lomax, Crenshaw's partner, whose voluptuous wife, Vera, was making a play for the deceased

Tex, the crusty cowboy owner of the dude ranch, heavily mortgaged to Crenshaw and Lomax

And Tommy Delbert - Crenshaw's playboy nephew and Daphne's weekend date - who readily admits he hated his uncle's guts

Dam wades through the clues and alibis

And finally - without spilling his cocktail or ruffling his tuxedo - he gathers all the suspects in the room for the final solution to both the mystery and his oddball romance with his ex-wife

Full of wisecracks and witty repartee, this clever whodunnit requires only one interior set and runs about two hours


"It's a hit mystery!" ~The Marketplace

"The show just seems to sparkle" ~ The Journal-Messenger

"Bright, fast-paced and eminently entertaining" ~ Potomac News

"A clever little plot with some clever little lines" ~ Pentagram

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