Theatre in Times of Crisis - 20 Scenes for the Stage in Troubled Times

Theatre in Times of Crisis - 20 Scenes for the Stage in Troubled Times $31.50

Edward Bond et al

Published by Methuen

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Theatre has a complex history of responding to crises, long before they happen

Through stage plays, contemporary challenges can be presented, explored and even foreshadowed in ways that help audiences understand the world around them

Since the theatre of the Greeks, audiences have turned to live theatre in order to find answers in uncertain political, social and economic times

As COVID-19 continues to challenge every aspect of global life, contemporary theatre has long predicted a world on the edge

This anthology brings together a collection of 20 scenes from 20 playwrights that each respond to the world in crisis

Twenty of the world's most prolific playwrights were asked to select one scene from across their published work that speaks to the current world situation in 2020

Through these 20 scenes from plays spanning from 1980 to 2020, we see how theatre and art has the capacity to respond, comment on and grapple with global challenges that in turn speak to the current time in which we are living

Each scene, chosen by the writer, is prefaced by an interview in which they discuss their process, their reason for selection and how their work reflects both the past and the present

From the political plays of Lucy Prebble and James Graham to the polemics of Philip Ridley and Tim Crouch

And from bold works by Inua Ellams, Morgan Lloyd Malcom and Tanika Gupta to the social relevance of Hannah Khalil, Zoe Cooper and Simon Stephens this anthology looks at theatre in the present and asks the question: “How can theatre respond to a world in crisis?”

The collection is prefaced by an introduction from Edward Bond, one of contemporary theatre's most prolific dramatists


1. Theatre in Crisis – Introduction by Edward Bond
2. Introduction - by Dom O'Hanlon
3. Mojisola Adebayo – The Interrogation of Sandra Bland
4. Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti – A Kind of People
5. Sudha Bhuchar – Child of the Divide
6. Zoe Cooper – Jess and Joe Forever
7. Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig – The King of Hell's Palace
8. Tim Crouch – Adler & Gibb
9. Inua Ellams – Barber Shop Chronicles
10. James Graham – A History of Falling Things
11. Tanika Gupta – Lions and Tigers
12. Hannah Khalil – A Museum in Baghdad
13. Morgan Lloyd Malcolm – Emilia
14. Alistair McDowall – X
15. Vinay Patel – An Adventure
16. Lucy Prebble – The Effect
17. Philip Ridley – The Pitchfork Disney
18. Christopher Shinn – Where Do We Live
19. Simon Stephens – Motortown
20. Chris Thorpe – Manchester from The Mysteries
21. Laura Wade – The Watsons
22. Anne Washburn – The Internationalist

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