The Playroom & Mitch in the Morning - A Double Bill on One Cassette


Jay Bonansing & Joel Pierson

Published by Mind's Ear Audio

The Playroom by Jay Bonansinga

In the first of this one-hour double-bill, two Chicago detectives are dispatched to investigate a series of horrific and gruesome murders. A string of victims have been discovered, their bones ripped from their bodies, their skin turned inside out. The detectives have no leads, no motive, no hope - until a chance encounter leads them to an abandoned apartment building and a small frightened girl

But, of course, all is not as it seems

Chicago audiences were spellbound by this grisly tale, which was presented live on stage at Something Wicked Books. Spectacular sound effect sequences, brutal twists, compelling acting and an exquisite script by Jay Bonasinga deliver a 30 minute descent into the darkness of the human soul

And also ...

Mitch in the Morning - by Joel Pierson

The second of this double-bill presents undisputed king of "morning zoo" radio - Mitch McGovern. He's a wild success, an overblown egomaniac, someone who pushes the envelope for the sheer hell of it. He's also a compassionate person - a decent, caring, giving kind of guy. Which is why he ends up at a small, rural community radio station one spring morning, a favor to the general manager. It's fund drive time, and Mitch's high-powered, slick, aggressive radio should be just the thing to bring in the pledges.

But the fund-raising fun is soon shattered by Beth, a frightened woman driven to desperate measures by her husband's behavior. She has selected Mitch's radio show for a single-minded purpose - revenge, to teach men the dangers of their violent ways...

Mitch in the Morning is a tight, hypnotic radio drama which was broadcast Live & relatively unnanounced on WFHB in Bloomington, Indiana on April 15, 1999. Like War of the Worlds, this "cinema verite" production was so realistic that the station recieved angry, worried calls from listeners, desperate to know how they could help poor Beth.

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