The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Irish Plays

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Edited and introduced by Thomas Conway

Published by Oberon Modern Plays

Large Mixed Cast

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This anthology comprises eight new plays by Irish playwrights premièred between the years 2006 and 2011

These playwrights ride, however, in no slipstream of the identifiably Irish play

Here, the enterprise of playwriting itself is being re-imagined

Here, above all else, is a commitment to becoming in the theatre

For all that, each play is concerned with what is unfinished business in Ireland

How astonishing, then, that these plays should revolve for the most part around identity and, in particular, sexual identity

How identity comes into play, how we open up the field of play, how we raise into collective experience the exercise of that play - the urgency in the playwriting would appear to lie precisely here

We can read from the historical moment - from a narrative emphasizing an economic bubble and its hangover - into these plays

Or we can take these playwrights at their word and observe lives lived at the contour of identities in the making

It is for us as readers, just as we have as theatre-goers - frequently scandalized, enthralled, shamed, appalled, unburdened, tickled pink - to decide

The Plays in the Collection are ...

HEROIN by Grace Dyas

Trade by Mark O'Halloran

The Art of Swimming by Lynda Radley

Pineapple by Phillip McMahon

I? Alice? I by Amy Conroy

The Big Deal edited by Una McKevitt

Oedipus Loves You by Simon Doyle & Gavin Quinn

The Year of Magical Wanking by Neil Watkins

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