The Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher $9.99

Tim Kelly from Edgar Allan Poe

Published by Dramatic Publishing

Large Mixed Cast

In this classic tale of the horrible and grotesque, Poe wrote of disease, the fear of death and premature burial

Perhaps confessing his own terror of going mad and of being buried alive - records show 18 premature burials in Baltimore's Westminster Cemetery, where Poe is entombed

One of these premature burials forms the background for Tim Kelly's chilling dramatization of this classic tale of horror and suspense

Roderick Usher, once a happy young man about to be married, and his beautiful sister Madelaine have become victims to the gloom and poisonous atmosphere of the decaying old mansion in which they live

When Madelaine appears near death, the doctor warns Usher not to bury her until he is certain that she is dead

The ensuing horror grips every viewer in its icy chill

Tim Kelly, author of several movie scenarios based on Edgar Allan Poe stories, is at his best in this brilliant two-act dramatization of one of Poe's eeriest tales

The Fall of the House of Usher abounds in moments of haunting beauty such as the ghostly waltz in the Usher family crypt and a visit by the brother's loving sweetheart, Lenore

The play also features moments of chilling horror when Madelaine forces aside the lid of her coffin while a hooded figure roams the halls in search of escape

But whenever Poe's horrific visions threaten to terrify the audience completely, there is always a light moment to compensate

CAST: M7., F10 (flexible)

Runs about 120 minutes

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