The Exciting Exploits of an Effervescent Elf

The Exciting Exploits of an Effervescent Elf $14.99

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Trisha Sugarek

Published by Samuel French Inc

2 Male 9 Female

Cheets, the irrepressible elf, saves Emma and the enchanted forest from certain destruction!

Lord Hazard has employed Patsy, the Banana Spider, to keep Emma ensnared in her web while Hazard sells the forest to developers

Given his reputation for mischief, no one believes Cheets when he claims that he has found Emma because no one but Cheets can see her

Audience participation is encouraged, especially when Emma plays charades with Cheets to make herself understood

A stand alone sequel to Emma and the Lost Unicorn, new characters are introduced ...

Thomas, a sea turtle, nautical to his toes

Patsy, the spider, who means well but cannot resist the tasty bugs supplied to her by Hazard!

And Rose and Lord Hazard, century old lovers, who finally reunite

This fable offers themes of greed, ecology, friendship, enduring love and justice

Characters ...

STARE - The rhetorical owl
CHEETS - A mischievous elf. He can be played by either gender
THOMAS - A big sea Turtle. He is plodding, slow, and only speaks in nautical terms
PATSY - The Banana Spider. Patsy is plump, complacent and greedy
DONALD - A faerie and Emma's best friend
EMMA - An earthling girl. She is the Queen's favorite
ROSE - Emma's mother
QUEEN CLEO - The queen of the faeries
SCARLET, YELLOW, ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE - Handmaidens to the Queen. They are dressed in their respective colors. Their hands, feet and faces and wings are the same color as their gowns and names
HAZARD - King of the Underworld. He is selling the forest to land developers
MAX - The family dog, a Golden Retriever
HENCHMAN #1,2,3 - Soldiers of Hazard. Can be double cast as the land developers

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