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Lynn Nottage

Published by Theatre Communications Group

6 Male 3 Female

Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Winner of the 2016 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize

No stranger to dramas both heartfelt and heart-rending, multi-award-winning playwright Lynn Nottage has written one of her most exquisitely devastating tragedies to date

In one of the poorest cities in America - Reading, Pennsylvania - a group of down-and-out factory workers struggles to keep their present lives in balance, ignorant of the financial devastation looming in their near futures

Set in 2008, the powerful crux of this new play is knowing the fate of the characters long before it's even in their sights

Based on Nottage's extensive research and interviews with real residents of Reading, Sweat is a topical reflection of the present and poignant outcome of America's economic decline


"Keenly observed and often surprisingly funny - but ultimately heartbreaking... traces the roots of a tragedy with both forensic psychological detail and embracing compassion ... Ms. Nottage is writing at the peak of her powers" ~ New York Times

"A timely drama .. goes where few playwrights have dared to go - into the heart of working-class America" ~ Variety

"A passionate and necessary drama ... Sweat communicates its points with minimal fuss and maximum grit. Along with the rage, despair and violence, there's humor and abundant humanity. Prophetic before the 2016 election, the piece now reads as a cautionary tale of what happens when you don't know how to resist" ~ Time Out New York

"From first moments to last, this compassionate but clear-eyed play throbs with heartfelt life, with characters as complicated as any you'll encounter at the theater today, and with a nifty ticking time bomb of a plot. That the people onstage are middle-class or lower-middle-class folks -- too rarely given ample time on American stages -- makes the play all the more vital a contribution to contemporary drama. . . . If I had pompoms, I'd be waving them now" ~ Charles Isherwood, The New York Times


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