Stage Combat Arts - An Integrated Approach to Acting, Voice and Text Work VIDEO

Stage Combat Arts - An Integrated Approach to Acting, Voice and Text Work VIDEO $31.50

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Christopher DuVal

Published by Methuen

The art of armed and unarmed stage combat thrills actors and audiences alike the world over

This book details many of the foundational techniques used by actors studying stage combat and actor-movement disciplines

A variety of specific training exercises are described that connect the actor's imagination to a cohesive and meaningful actor-training curriculum, integrating stage combat with the actor's process of developing a fully embodied awareness of the physical life of the character

Developing physical awareness and dexterity is an essential component of an actor's training and rehearsal processes

Engagement, connection, the ability to listen and respond with authenticity, clarity, flexibility, intentionality, tactical response, variety are all helpful aspects for the actor studying combat movement

With practical exercises and expert advice, Stage Combat Arts allows the actor to further hone their emotional connection and extension, breath and voice, intention and focus, movement and freedom, and their ability to connect physically to imagery and text - disciplines that are at the foundation of actor-training - all through the art of combat movement




Chapter 1: Breath and Connection

Chapter 2: Intention and Focus

Chapter 3: Stage Combat Arts and Voice

Chapter 4: Acting the Fight

Appendix: Additional Resources



"I've had the pleasure of working closely with Chris DuVal as both actor and fight director; his theatrical instincts are unerring, and his intelligence and heart shine through in this useful book" ~ Bill Rauch, Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

". . . an indispensable asset and an invaluable tool for integrating acting, voice, and movement technique in teaching the combat arts" ~ Paul Dennhardt Professor, Illinois State University M. Master Teacher/Master Fight Director

"Read this book, it will make you a better combatant/actor/person" Ty Burrell, Emmy-award winning actor

" ... a kind of elixir with the power to bring stage combat to life" ~ Saul Kotzubei, Director of the Fitzmaurice Institute

"Anyone serious about the craft of acting should have this book on their shelf!" ~ Jonathan Cole, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Willamette University

"So often stage combat is just a series of techniques. Chris Duval, a wonderful actor and mover himself, has found a way to communicate a process that explores where the need for violence comes from, how to make it connect seamlessly to the action of the moment, and how to link it to voice and the movement of the character as a whol" ~ Ursula Meyer, Professor in the MFA Graduate Acting Program at UC San Diego

"This is truly a unique book. I know of no other text that assembles so much valuable and varied information about acting, movement and voice as this one" ~ John Sipes, Professor, University of Tennessee

" ..., this compendium stands apart, boldly focusing on the integration of craft, and the reunification of a performer's body, mind and spirit. Mr. DuVal has successfully blended the systems he espouses here, and in so doing, he has also brought together Eastern and Western practices, traditions, and philosophies" ~ Adam Noble, Associate Professor of Acting & Movement - University of Houston, Fight Director

"Few texts about stage combat seamlessly bridge physical technique and "actor technique". This book is one of them'" ~ John J. O'Hagan, Associate Professor, Theatre Creative Arts, Principia College

"I've been teaching Voice, Speech and Shakespeare for 25 years, but never had any formal stage combat experience. Chris' book has helped me understand the vocabulary of stage combat as a performer, and has given me invaluable tools to share with my students. He has added a whole dimension to my teaching." David Kelly, Actor at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Teacher and Director at Southern Oregon University

"What a gem of a book! ... clearly links acting, movement and voice like no other. Superbly outlined examples, discussion prompts, video links, drawings, teaching tips and further reading suggestions ... this book is a must have" ~ Jason Spelbring, Assistant Professor, Utah State University

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