Schemes for Classroom Drama

Schemes for Classroom Drama $29.99

Maggie Hulson

Published by Trenthan Books

The schemes of work in this book provide clear, coherent, thought-provoking opportunities for drama teachers

They outline class lessons rooted in child-centred, humanising theory and practice, to help equip today's young people to respond to the world as it is

'Here it is! this is the way to do it! This is one of the most important Drama and Educational texts of the past 20 years ... a humanising, child-centred curriculum with an international perspective. This book is the epitome of what that means' - Journal for Drama in Education

'Using Maggie Hulson's schemes in my own classroom has enabled me to examine my practice and improve it. I can only exhort you to go and buy this book and use it. You won't regret it" ~ Journal for Drama in Education

"Maggie Hulson has never shied away from examining difficult contemporary phenomena with children and she has been brave enough to share her thoughts about how to do this with other children

I have been particularly drawn by work where she has used Greek myths to explore contemporary events. She always begins by creating a context where we can be aware of the material circumstances of a different place, time and people

Because she uses Greek myths, the question of the extent to which our future lies within our control is there in the background from the start

I have heard her work described as 'easeful', because of her skill in finding the roles, situations and tensions which will cause us to bring the background into the foreground

In other words, whilst operating (playing) within a fiction, we are faced with the enormous questions that children face: Why do we live as we do? What does it mean? Could things be different? Facing these questions in a skilfully constructed fiction allows us as teachers - with children - to understand how to pose these questions in real life

Maggie Hulson's work represents the best that the association has achieved in these difficult years and every school would benefit from their wider dissemination" ~ Tony Grady

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