Rogues' Gallery

Rogues' Gallery $13

John Patrick Shanley

Published by Dramatists Play Service

Ten magnetic characters

Ten bizarre, explosive, and darkly humorous stories

This collection of monologues from the imagination of Pulitzer Prize-winning John Patrick Shanley delves into the allure of bad behavior and the absurdity of being human

Unknown Caller - (M1) - “Where was the ring? I stared at the open box”

After a doomed proposal and a night of heavy drinking, a would-be fiancé wakes to a hangover and a missing engagement ring

A phone call from a stranger may hold the key to its whereabouts - and an opportunity for a fresh start

Drive - (W1) - “He looked at me like I was an unexpected problem, like the day had been going fine, and I ruined it”

A cabaret singer does not like the janitor at her club, and the feeling is mutual

As she struggles to find authenticity in her performances, a sudden event brings inspiration

Gaucho - (M1) - “He did not realize the kind of man I was, and that he was in danger”

An aggrieved descendant of the gauchos of Argentina seeks revenge on the man who seduced his wife

Artificial Leg - (M1) - “Who leaves a leg?”

A homeowner struggles to dispose of the prosthetic limb he discovered in the basement of his new townhouse

Ditto - (W1) - “I’m scared to death”

A journalist becomes infatuated with a writer, leaving her fiancé behind and diving headfirst into a blissful romance

But when a friend reaches out with an unsettling discovery, she uncovers the strange truth about her new relationship - and herself

The Acupuncturist - (N/S1) - “She was exceptionally good at finding pain”

A patient switches acupuncturists after their practitioner starts to believe he has magical powers

The Clerical Line - (M1) - “It is not enough to foresee a fashion. One must have courage”

A wealthy bachelor collaborates with Burberry to create a wardrobe of priest’s clothing - a uniform he deems most reflective of his soul and status

I Was Right About Everything - (M1) - “I’m the fascinating one. We both know that. I’m the one a movie star would want to play”

A Bronx food cart owner and teller of tall tales bides his time until the woman he loves realizes how exceptional he is

Lockdown - (W1) - “I hate him, but I can’t leave the puppy”

During a global epidemic, a quarantined woman slips away from her boyfriend to call her lover

The Choreographer's Hand - (M1) “The best way to get away with murder is don’t talk about it, and I never have”

In this longer piece, a pianist prone to visions unravels the curious sequence of events that pushed him to kill

All of John Patrick Shanley’s proceeds from the sales and licensing for Rogues' Gallery will go to The Actors Fund

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