Radiance - The Passion of Marie Curie

Radiance - The Passion of Marie Curie $10.99

Alan Alda

Published by Samuel French Inc

5 Male 3 Female

With backbreaking work in a ramshackle lab in Paris, Marie Curie and her husband Pierre achieve a revolutionary understanding of radiation and share a Nobel Prize

When her beloved Pierre dies in an accident, Marie is plunged into depression

Paul Langevin, fleeing an unhappy marriage, gives her the strength to return to her work

But the scandal over their affair threatens to end her career just when she might become the first person ever to receive a second Nobel Prize

"Juicy, gaslit melodrama ... illuminates the challenges that Marie Curie faced in pursuing a career in the sciences at a time when it was virtually unheard of for women to take prominent roles in academic or public life" ~ The New York Times


MARIE CURIE - Early 40s; slight Polish accent
PAUL LANGEVIN - A little younger than Marie
PIERRE CURIE - A little older than Marie
ÉMILE BOREL - 40s; a mathematician
MARGUERITE BOREL - 20s; a novelist
CAN BE PLAYED BY THE SAME ACTOR: TERBOUGIE - 50s; a journalist; can be played by the same actor who plays TÖRNEBLADH
TÖRNEBLADH - 50s; a scientist; Swedish accent; can be played by the same actor who plays TERBOUGIE

Set & Staging

The actors in the company are seated on a bare stage, taking in the action of the play. When their turn comes to play a scene, they rise, meet downstage and play it

Images suggesting various locations are projected on the upstage wall

The only furniture is a set of straight-backed chairs and occasionally a bed and a small table, all brought into play by the actors

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