Playwriting - Structure, Character, How and What to Write

Playwriting - Structure, Character, How and What to Write $29.99, $25.49 (15% off)

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Stephen Jeffreys

Published by Nick Hern Books

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For over two decades, Stephen Jeffreys' remarkable series of workshops attracted writers from all over the world

Playwriting brings together Stephen's Royal Court Theatre creative writing workshops, classes that influenced a generation of playwrights

Held over a twenty-year period, these were landmark events that helped shape contemporary theatre as we know it

Now, with this inspiring, highly practical book, you too can learn from these acclaimed Masterclasses

Playwriting reveals the various invisible frameworks and mechanisms that are at the heart of each and every successful play

Drawing on a huge range of sources, it deconstructs playwriting into its constituent parts, and offers illuminating insights into:

Structure an in-depth exploration of the fundamental elements of drama, enabling you to choose instinctively the most effective structure for your play

Character advice on how to generate and write credible characters by exploring their three essential dimensions: story, breadth and depth

How to Write techniques for writing great dialogue, dynamic scenes and compelling subtext, including how to improve your writing by approaching it from unfamiliar directions

What to Write how to adopt different approaches to finding your material, how to explore the fundamental 'Nine Stories', and how to evaluate the potential of your ideas

Written by a true master of the craft, this authoritative guide will provide playwrights at every level of experience with a rich array of tools to apply to their own work.


"What Stephen Jeffreys doesn't know about playwriting isn't worth knowing" ~ Stephen Daldry

"Stephen Jeffreys is as important a teacher as he is brilliant a writer Without him, I wouldn't have been able to write the plays that I have written" ~ Simon Stephens

" ... incredibly useful ... As witty and humane as its author" ~ Emma Thompson

"'What Stephen taught me has shaped my mind and I have shared this with countless writers" ~ Kwame Kwei-Armah

"Like a bird in the air, Stephen was utterly in his element as a teacher. We sat spellbound" ~ Phyllida Lloyd

"I had the great pleasure of working with Stephen on his play The Libertine. Would that all playwrights had his openness, his talent, his hard-headedness, his experience, his enthusiasm, his audacity, his complexity, and perhaps best of all his talent and interest in eliciting the best in others" ~ John Malkovich

"'Stephen was more than just a great bloke whose easy laugh set a room alight; he was a genuine geek, an obsessive about the craft of writing As I read, I was reminded again of his deep connection to plays and how they work. There are gems in here, there is guidance, there is the spirit of Stephen Jeffreys" ~ April De Angelis

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