Plays from VAULT 3

Plays from VAULT 3 $24.99


Published by Nick Hern Books

This anthology comprises five of the best plays from VAULT 2018, London's biggest and most exciting arts festival

The five plays are ...

Tumulus by Christopher Adams

This is a chilling, queer play-noir set amongst the shadowy hills of Hampstead Heath. Young men are dying and everyone assumes they're just casualties of London's chemsex scene. Everyone, that is, but Anthony, who is determined to investigate

Glitter Punch ~ Lucy Burke

Critically acclaimed during its run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, this powerful and edgy play set in Greater Manchester charts a troubling new relationship between mysterious John and sixteen-year-old Molly - a love that will change their lives forever

Burkas and Bacon Butties ~ Shamia Chalabi & Sarah Henley

Set in a taxi, this is a heart-warming comedy about taxi-driver Ashraf and his twenty-something daughter, Shaz, as they negotiate the ups and downs of living in a mixed-culture family.

Wind Bit Bitter, Bit Bit Bit Her ~ Sami Ibrahim

When bereaved mother Mary finds a disembodied arm, a conspiracy builds: maybe her child isn't quite so dead after all. Shortlisted for Soho Theatre's Tony Craze Award, this is an enthralling monologue about love and loss

The Strongbox ~ Stephanie Jacob

A story of domestic servitude and abuse of power, as authoritarian Kat, her ageing mother, Ma, and their teenaged slave, Maudie, jostle for power and affection in their dilapidated London home


"A major London festival showcasing new and rising talent" ~ Independent

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