Pinocchio - A Story from FairyLand by Josef Silvia

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This Play is the copyright of the Author and must NOT be Performed without the Author's PRIOR consent

Scene 1

A fairy throne is set stage right

A workshop is set stage left, and center stage is left open

The workshop is nothing more than a chair and table. On the table are many pieces of wood and a small hammer and pick

A blanket is on the floor next to the table and chair.

Enter from stage left, Emerald, Queen of the Fairies.

She greets the audience as she crosses to center.

EMERALD: (to audience) Good morning, or good afternoon. I can never quite tell which is which.
Human time and fairy time run on separate schedules. For instance, to you it may be ten am, but
to me, it is evening. And when you are enjoying your evening, I may be eating my breakfast. It's
like a time zone, only different. We fairies have different times of rest and relaxation in every land
throughout the entire world. But, enough babbling. You may be wondering who I am, and so I will
introduce myself. I am Emerald, Queen of the Fairies. Every fairy throughout the known world-and
then some-knows my name. And I know theirs. They are all my subjects, and I am proud of every
one of them. There are a few fairies that you humans know. However, we know them by different names.
Have any of you youngsters ever heard of Tinkerbell? Of course you have! She is famous world-over
thanks to two of my favorite humans. But to us, her name is Green. Little Green Fairy. See, in our world,
every fairy is named after a color. And when we run out of colors, we choose flavors. And when we
run out of flavors, well I could be at this all day. But alas, you did not come to see a play about fairies did
you? You came to see the joyful story of a little boy named Pinocchio. Well, you have come to the right
place! Every now and then, we fairies have the opportunity to help humans when needed. It's a task we
love and relish. And in Pinocchio's case, we did a lot of helping-and even some un-helping. Let me tell
you how it all began. One day, my two youngest daughters, Blue and Red Fairy started fighting..(sighs)
againand let's see what happens

Queen Emerald exists stage right as Blue and Red Fairy enter from stage left. They are both arguing
loudly and each carrying a wand.

BLUE: Really, sister, that wasn't very nice of you!

RED: (laughing) I thought it was a blast.

BLUE: But what did Gepetto ever do to you? He's just a simple toymaker. All he wants to do is
make children happy.

RED: And all I did was pull a prank on him to make me happy.

BLUE: But it wasn't very nice! Causing his door to talk back to him. That's not the sort of
thing fairies are supposed to do!

RED: Really? Tell, me, sister, what are fairies supposed to do? Three days ago, you turned a
fish into a great big whale. And now all the villagers are afraid to go near the water!

BLUE: That was an accident and you know it!

RED: Do I? I just think you're the pot calling the kettle black!

BLUE: (yells) How dare you!

RED: Oh no! Did I just get my "Holier than Thou" sister angry? (smiles at audience) I
think I did.

BLUE: (waves her wand) I'll teach you not to call me names!

RED: Hey! You can't use your magic against another fairy. It's against the rules.

BLUE: Don't lecture me, you hypocrite!

RED: Fine! Have it your way!

Red and Blue Fairy start waving their wands around. Blue taps her wand on Red's shoulder,
causing Red fairy to scream in pain.

BLUE: Maybe that will teach you a lesson!

RED: Ouch, Blue! That really hurt! (angry) But I'll get even with you.

BLUE: And how?

RED: Watch! See those blocks of wood over there on Geppetto's table?

BLUE: (turns) Yes, I see them.

RED: Watch this!

Red Fairy crosses to the table and chair, picks up the blanket to cover the table. Her
back is to the audience as she holds the blanket high in the air, chanting.

RED: With magic of red, fire of red, and anger of red, create for me a puppet who will
do as I the Red fairy so bid!

BLUE: What?

Red Fairy drops the blanket, uncovering Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who stands
completely still.

RED: And now for the fun! (whispers in Pinocchio's ear) Walk over to Blue and kick her leg.

Pinocchio crosses to Blue and kicks her in the leg.

BLUE: (jumping on one foot) Ouch! Red, you've gone too far!

RED: I have not!

BLUE: What will Gepetto think when he sees this doll?

RED: I don't care about Gepetto!

BLUE: Obviously! And you have no regard for your fairy magic either. I have to report this to mother.

RED: But, Blue this is all in fun and games!

BLUE: Not when you go around creating puppets out of wood!

Blue Fairy exists stage right as Red Fairy pouts.

RED: Great! Now I'm in trouble when she started the fight! (looks at Pinocchio who waves to her)
Oh, go sit down on that chair!

Pinocchio shrugs and crosses to the chair. He sits down on it as Queen Emerald and Blue Fairy
re-enter from stage right.

BLUE: See, mother, look! Right in that chair!

Queen Emerald crosses to Pinocchio.

EMERALD: Well, what do we have here, daughters? (Pinocchio looks at Emerald and waves)
A live puppet. (sighs) What am I going to do with you girls?

BLUE: But it was her fault!

EMERALD: Enough, Blue! I've had it with both of you. As fairies, you need to learn to work
together and not against each other. And I think I know a way for you to learn that lesson. We'll use
this puppet and his creator, Gepetto.

BLUE: But, mother, Red created him.

EMERALD: Did she? (whispers to Pinocchio) Sleep little puppet. (Pinocchio immediately falls asleep
as Emerald calls out for Gepetto in a sweet voice) Gepetto! Gepetto! Enter your workshop! (Geppetto,
in a daze, enters from stage left) Come to the table where you just finished a marvelous creation.
(Emerald hands Geppetto the hammer and pick) You created a puppet, a wonderful puppet, because it
reminds you of the son you and your late wife never had. You will finish your puppet tonight, but afterwards
you will wish on the shooting star that it could be a real boy. (Geppetto looks at Pinocchio and freezes in a
tableau) Good. My magic is set. (to Blue and Red) And now, my fairies, I will give you your tasks. Blue,
since you have such love for others, you will help Gepetto.

BLUE: How so, Mother?

EMERALD: After Gepetto wishes on the star for his doll to be a real boy, you will come and bring the
doll to life. But, in order to be a true boy, he must be good.

BLUE: Understood, Mother.

EMERALD: Now, Red, this is where you come in. You will use your means to tempt the boy. See if he
makes the right decisions. However, you are not to harm the lad.

RED: Not even a little pinch?


BLUE: But, Mother, if this little boy will be tempted, he will need a conscience.

EMERALD: (pause, thinks) Choose a cricket, a good cricket, and give him a voice to speak. However, this
cricket may only utter three or four words at a time. Which should be enough for our doll to decide which
way he should turn. Now, be off, the both of you! You have much work to do!

Blue exists stage left, and Red stage right.

EMERALD: And so, I sent my two daughters off and ..Oh my goodness, I almost forgot! Red Fairy
created Pinocchio, but the puppet was still made from wood. And a real boy can't be made from wood.
That wood must be magical!

Emerald crosses to Pinocchio and sprinkles fairy dust on him while chanting.

EMERALD: From wood, to doll, you were created. To the stars above, a wish will be made. And when
my daughter waves her wand, you will awaken. But, you will not be real unless you follow this condition:
Learn love, goodness and compassion. (she waves her hands) There we go. And now, let us watch
as the puppet is finished.

Queen Emerald exits.

Scene 2

Gepetto stops hammering a leg on Pinocchio.

GEPETTO: (sighs) My little puppet, you are only a little wooden head. And yet you look so real.
(looks to the audience) Doesn't he look real children? I think I should give him a name. (looks at the doll)
What name would fit you? Are you a Tom or Harry? No? Too plain. Aren't I right children? (to audience)
What should his name be? What's that? Pinocchio you say? (he looks at the puppet) He does look like
a Pinocchio, doesn't he? (decides) All right! That's his name! Pinocchio! (sighs) But a name won't make
him real, will it? My wife and I once dreamed of having children, but she went to Heaven too soon. If only
Pinocchio were a real boy, I could share my life with him and be his father. That is my greatest wish.
(looks up) Oh my, look children, look! A shooting star! It is said that if you wish on a shooting star with
all your heart, it would be granted. (He kneels. While kneeling, the Blue Fairy enters, crosses behind him
and sprinkles magic dust on him) Starlight, Star Bright, first star I see this night. I wish with all my might
that Pinocchio would be real tonight. (stands and yawns) I suddenly feel so sleepy, children. As if some
magic is at work. (yawns) Maybe I should go take a nap. Goodnight, Pinocchio.

Geppetto sprawls out on the floor and falls to sleep as the Blue Fairy smiles.

BLUE: (soothing) That's right, Geppetto, sleep, sleep. (looks to the audience) And while he is under our spell, we shall get to work. Now, where's my cricket?

HECTOR: (from the audience) Here I am!

BLUE: Well, come out of the audience. You're in our show today!

Hector enters from the audience. During this scene as Blue Fairy is giving Hector the words to say to Pinocchio, she can also give him hand motions. This is at the director's discretion.

BLUE: You will say a few simple words to this little puppet every time he faces a big decision. Let's practice, okay? (Hector nods) Good. Repeat after me. "Think twice, Pinocchio!"

HECTOR: Think twice, Pinochio!

BLUE: Good. Now, this one. "Don't do it, Pinochio!"

HECTOR: Don't do it, Pinochio!

BLUE: And one more, "Stop and think about it!"

HECTOR: Stop and think about it!

BLUE: Perfect! You will be a great conscience.

HECTOR: Thank-you.

Hector crosses back to the audience and sits with the crowd. Every time he talks from the audience, he stands up.

BLUE: (walks over to Pinocchio and waves her wand) Awaken, little wooden head!

PINOCCHIO: (yawns and stretches) AmAm I a real boy?

BLUE: Not quite yet. To be a real boy, you must be good. Your conscience will help you.

PINOCCHIO: Conscience?

HECTOR: That's me.

BLUE: Listen to his wisdom and your father's teaching. And you will be a real boy.

PINOCCHIO: When will that be?

BLUE: It might be soon, or in a year or two. However long it takes you to learn.

PINOCCHIO: What's a year?

BLUE: A year is three hundred and sixty-five days.

PINOCCHIO: What's a day?

BLUE: (smiles) Sweet Pinocchio, these are questions your father (points to Gepetto) can answer for you.

PINOCCHIO: Is he my father?

BLUE: Yes. And a good man. He will make sure you stay on the right path.

PINOCCHIO: What is he doing?

BLUE: Why, he's sleeping.

[end of extract]


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