Old Mother Hubbard - A Pantomime

Old Mother Hubbard - A Pantomime $12.99

Tony Nicholls

Published by Samuel French Ltd

Large Mixed Cast
After enduring centuries of bone-free cupboards, Old Mother Hubbard has decided that she and her dog deserve a break so she arranges for her daughter Polly to marry the very rich and very unpleasant, Duke Ferdinand

Polly, however, is in love with Dick, the poor woodchopper's son, so they run away to seek their fortune

Unfortunately they fall into the clutches of the Witch Hepzibah

Having been beaten in her quest to become the Queen and General Panjandrum of the Witches, Warlocks and Miscellaneous Monstrosities Union by the much younger Little Witch Barbie, Helpzibah now seeks a pure, young maiden as a key ingredient in her cunning plan to regain her lost youth

Hepzibah: a witch
Astrophe: her cat
Old Mother Hubbard: the Dame
Polly: her daughter
Woolly: her faithful dog
Dick: woodchopper's son, Principal Boy
Duke Ferdinand: a villain
Ruff: his servant
Scruff: his other servant
Cloaca: an enchantress
Sybil : a wise woman
Leonardo: a Sybil servant
HP: a hidden princess
Lorien: a hidden prince
Little Witch Barbie: a doll.
Queen Mavis: Queen of the Witches
People of Nursery-Rhyme Land, Mooklings, Cherubs etc

Choice of music is left to the individual director

" ... a deluge of painful puns, puzzling plots, cheerful songs and lively acting ... Old Mother Hubbard could well be Nicholls' best pantomime - and that's saying a lot for he is a master of his craft" ~ The West Australian

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