Murder in the Library

Chris Shelstone

Published by Cyberpress

5 Male 2 Female

A book signing has been arranged at a local Library for Ray Bentos, a well-known author

Unfortunately, he won't be there in body because he's just been murdered

But his soul is alive and well and although he can't be seen or heard by the suspects, he is able to present himself to the library guests (ie the audience)

The family argue amongst themselves over who could be responsible for Ray's death

And hidden secrets start to be revealed ...

To read the opening scenes, click here

This is an Interative Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery events are a great way to help raise funds for
community organisations and can be performed in village halls, golf
clubs, church halls, school halls etc where there are no stage
facilities, as well as in a hall where a stage is available

It works well when the audience are sat cabaret style in small groups

And an interval supper is usually well received!

Towards the end of the play, the audience are given an opportunity (if
they wish) to call the suspects over to their table and interrogate

They can then work as a team to write down who they think
committed the murder and why

Prizes for the winners

And perhaps a booby prize for the team that was way off the mark

A few worthy and humorous solutions read out to everyone wraps up the evening

All of Chris Shelstone's murder mystery plays have been performed by
drama groups with great success, usually with a sell-out audience

Ideal for performing at your local Library!


"It was wonderful! The audience laughed A LOT! Great script, and the actors need to be strong in their improv. If you're thinking of producing it, break a leg! This was one of my favorites" ~ Judy, Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre

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