Mosley Street Melodramas - Volume TWO

Mosley Street Melodramas - Volume TWO $10.99

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Tom Frye

Published by Samuel French Inc

3 Male 3 Female

The laughs never stop with this collection of four festive Melodramas

No holds are barred as television favorites to some traditional Christmas classics get skewered in these light-hearted parodies

Each show has a diverse set of characters designed to put a modern spin on the spirit of the Melodrama

CHEER for the heroic, but frustrated Prairie Magician

BOO the villainous land baron with the hypnotic hairpiece

And OOH-AAH the four young single ladies adjusting to life in Manhattan (Kansas)

These interactive Melodramas are simple to produce and appeal to all types of groups

Both cast and audience alike will have an uproariously good time!

The Melodramas are ...

Santa and the City - 3f, 3m (some doubling)

The Old Mid-West will never be the same when four young single ladies in Manhattan, KS try to open a shoe store

Little did they reckon a greedy land baron, whose hair has hypnotic powers, would try to take over the town just before Christmas

The Holiday Surprise - 3f, 3m

It's the day before Christmas and Santa is nowhere to be found

The residents of Goosebump, Alaska (the first town South of the North Pole) try to find a substitute

Only a Canadian Mountie can save the day!

The Grouch Who Couldn't Steal Christmas - 3f, 3m

The Annual Holiday Pageant in the town of Whooterville goes awry when Phineas P Grouch seeks revenge from a broken heart

But who is the real villain here?

The Magical Christmas of Mistle Toe, Kansas - 3m, 3f

The town of Mistle Toe is broke and the land rights are up for grabs

Mayor Georgette Bradley pins all their hopes and dreams on a one night only benefit performance by "The Amazing Ricky and His Magic Wand"

You won't believe the magic that occurs when they discover the true meaning of the season

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