More Short Scenes and Monologues for Middle School Students

More Short Scenes and Monologues for Middle School Students $14.99

Mary Hall Surface

Published by Smith & Kraus

Ained at Grade 69, this Volume offers an abundance of curriculum-connected content, inviting English and Social Studies teachers to bring Ancient and American history, literature, science, and mythology to life

These original scenes and monologues are also a unique tool for character education

Here, students can explore decision making, empathy, and the consequences of action in the experiential way that only drama can provide

Best of all, drama teachers and students will find more of what made her first collection so popular ...

30-second monologues with strong emotional turning points

Ideal as short audition pieces

Short two and four-actor scenes with strong relationships and specific objectives, perfect for contests and festivals

Multiple-actor scenes with equally weighted parts, drawn from multicultural sources

A must for the library of every teacher, guidance counselor, school, camp, and student

"This volume stands out for its distinct voices, multicultural characters, and engaging scenes. The book is well organized, with short monologues divided by gender in the first half and scenes with an incrementally increasing number of characters in the second. Some of the pieces have been adapted from longer plays and have well-developed characters

This book will be useful for classroom use, character work, ensemble work, and practice for students blocking and directing. Monologues range from historical (immigrants coming to America) to current (global warming) issues and are always presented from the young person's point of view

Dialogue is engaging and differs from piece to piece so students can work on pace and tone when speaking. The multicultural voices are realistically written with appropriate diction and rhythm to their speech

Surface also includes magical characters (a spirit cat, a cricket) as well as inanimate objects to give students a chance at playing nontraditional roles

This excellent book would be useful in a variety of classrooms including speech/communication, drama, English, and social studies" ~ Terrilyn Fleming, Colby Public Schools, KS

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