Mirror Mirror

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Kitty Johnson

Published by Samuel French Inc

5 Male 5 Female

"Roy, is this a dream?"

"A dream, a story, high school, insanity. It's hard to tell sometimes, isn't it?"

Set during a high school Homecoming dance in the south, this dark comedy presents a precarious landscape where magic lurks behind make-up, mirrors and memories ...

In the bathroom Gretchen Black, the most popular girl in school, lights a cigarette and asks the mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all

The mirror then shows a horrible witch instead of her own reflection

But when Gretchen puts the cigarette out in her armpit, the witch disappears

And moments later a mysterious new girl named Rose White arrives at Homecoming

She has no hips or chest to speak of, but her skin shines white as snow and her lips are as red as the rose

And she's soon after Gretchen's boyfriend, Badger Biers

In this dark comedy, based on Snow White, ten teenagers love, lose, betray and revenge each other over one autumnal weekend in a kingdom far, far away


GRETCHEN BLACK - 17, Most popular girl in school BADGER BIERS - 17, Gretchen's boyfriend. Most popular boy in school. Captain of the football team COSTEN LYONS - 18, Badger's best friend. Richest boy in school LIBBY SUNDAY - 17, Gretchen's new best friend. Hoyt's ex-girlfriend. Valedictorian. On scholarship HOYT MONROE - 18, Tortured teenage artist. Libby's ex-boyfriend LAUREL BUCHANAN - 16, Hoyt's best friend. President of the drama club. Costen's second cousin HONEY - 15, Stage manager in the drama club. Nerd DONNIE - 17, Actor in the drama club. Ronnie's best friend RONNIE - 17 Actor in the drama club. Donnie's best friend ROSE WHITE - 16, New girl. This is a boy's part!

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