Instant Period Costumes

Instant Period Costumes $19.99, $17.99 (10% off)

Barb Rogers

Published by Meriwether Press

++ 10% DISCOUNT ++

Why spend a small fortune to rent expensive period costumes when you can create them yourself for less than a day's rental price?

Make them the easy way from cast-off clothing

Without sewing!

Subtitled How to Make Classic Costumes from Cast-Off Clothings, Instant Period Costumes presents the concept of "conversion costuming'

The first rule of thumb is that you must put aside your preconceived ideas about how to make a costume

The world of conversion costuming is miles away from fabrics, measuring, pinning, cutting, and sewing

The most important tool you need is your imagination

To help you, this book includes over 65 ingenious costumes designs with photos and diagrams for many periods from Egyptian, Greek, and Roman ...

All the way to Punk!

These conversion costuming ideas will save you time, money, and deadline disasters and give you precisely the costume you want

From '20s to '80s to Old West to Renaissance, put aside the boring and mundane part of costuming and go right to the exciting and creative part! ** 10% DISCOUNT **

Transform common people into superheroes, movie stars, knights, witches - whatever illusion you want to create

Creative costuming is all in the details - one garment can take on many totally different looks depending on how you accessorize it

Over the years Barb Rogers has learned all the tricks about how anyone can turn leftover clothing into fabulous costumes

This book's numerous drawings explain in detail the costuming process of "turning straw into gold"

It shows you how to design illusions that you never thought possible

Yes, you can easily do all this - and at a minimum expense!

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