How to Do Standard English Accents From Traditional RP to the New 21st-Century Neutral Accent

How to Do Standard English Accents From Traditional RP to the New 21st-Century Neutral Accent $24.99

Edda Sharpe & Jan Haydn Rowles

Published by Oberon

The essential handbook for every actor

In every drama school, in every English-speaking country, students from all over the world have to learn a Standard English Accent, and voice and drama tutors have to teach it

But what exactly is it?

How many varieties are there?

And which one should they use when?

Following on from How To Do Accents, this book provides a long awaited, up-to-date answer to these important questions and offers a complete course in how to do A Neutral Standard English Accent & Upper and Upper-Middle Class Varieties

Part One : contains all the tools you need to learn a current Neutral Standard English Accent; neutral in terms of class, race, age, gender, occupation and social background

Part Two : introduces you to the following most useful Upper and Upper-Middle Class varieties of Standard English Accent

Includes Free Online Code to access detailed exercises and sample sentences giving you the sounds you need for your Standard English Accents

It also includes ready-to-use resource recordings of the following accents ...

Traditional RP
Imperial Lords and Ladies
Military, Matrons, and the Landed Gentry Debs
Dandies and Bright Young Things
Wartime Wendies and BBC Berties
Sloane Rangers
The New Wave (Contemporary Standard English Accent)


'If you want to speak the right type of Standard English Accent for your play or character, this is the only book for you. Another detailed, practical and witty dialect handbook from Jan and Edda. Brilliant!' ~ Jeannette Nelson, Head of Voice, National Theatre

How To Do Accents

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