Hello Herman

Hello Herman $12.99

John Buffalo Mailer

Published by Dramatists Play Service

Large Mixed Cast
"The kid was going to snap. Anyone with a set of working eyes should've been able to see that. Those children could have been nicer to that boy, maybe all this wouldn't have gone down"

Written as an artistic response to the Columbine High School tragedy, Hello Herman has since been used by hundreds of students and theater groups to raise the awareness of the causes and tragic outcomes of bullying

The play follows a normal, middle-class kid, Herman, as he is continually bullied and abused until he feels his only option is extreme violence against his aggressors and also others who - subtly and not so subtly - allowed the bullying to continue

After he wipes out 39 students and 3 teachers at his school, he contacts a reporter, Lax Morales, so he can tell his story on TV before he is executed for his crimes

Integral to The Hello Herman Project, the play raises important questions surrounding bullying, particularly ...

student isolation
erosion of human dignity
lack of empathy
parental and societal responsibility
the clique warfare that fosters exclusion, labelling, and the narrow social categorization of young people that can lead to bullying behavior

Victims of bullying often suffer emotional distress, such as anxiety and depression, putting them at an increased risk for substance abuse and suicide

And according to recent statistics, harassment and bullying have been linked to 75% of school-shooting incidents

"A powerful and important work" ~ Sam Kashner, Vanity Fair

" ... what theater is supposed to be: relevant, powerful and fearless ... Hello Herman needs to be seen in high schools, colleges, community theaters, and on street corners across this country. It needs to be held up as a mirror so that we see what we've become" ~ Jason Flores Williams

The Educator's Guide to Hello Herman

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