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C. P. Taylor

Published by Methuen Drama

Large Mixed Cast

Professor John Halder is a 'good' man

But 'good' men must adapt to survive

As the world faces its Second World War, Halder finds himself pulled into a movement with unthinkable consequences

Good is a story about a liberal-minded university professor who drifts well-meaningly into a position in the upper reaches of the Nazi administration

John Halder, a professor of literature, seems to be a good man

He diligently visits his blind and senile mother, and looks after his vacant wife and three children

He is unremarkable, other than an unusual neurotic tic - the imaginary sound of band music plays in the background of his life, particularly at moments of high emotion

But by writing a book – the result of his own experience – discussing euthanasia for senile elderly people and by lecturing on the delicacy of German literary culture, John has unintentionally made himself a very desirable acquisition for the Nazi party

A profound and alarming examination of passivity and the rationalisation of evil

A new edition of C. P. Taylor's Modern Classic about the causes rather than the consequences of Nazism, this seminal play of the 20th century, is often cited as the best works of Holocaust literature seen on stage

A lyrical and literary play ripe for study and performance


"Good is an original and intelligent play, light in texture but serious in content, that tries
to work out how decent, liberal, humane men came to be swept up by the Nazi
juggernaut" ~ Michael Billington, Guardian

"Taylor's play is about moral compromise in a political fog, and like all good plays is as
much about now as then" ~ Time Out

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