Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Acting - But Were Afraid To Ask, Dear

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Acting - But Were Afraid To Ask, Dear $21.99

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West End Producer

Published by Nick Hern Books

"Don't even consider putting your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington, until you've first consulted this wonderful book" ~ Paul O'Grady

This is the hilarious inside story of West End Theatre

Anonymous author "West End Producer" is also a successful blogger and tweeter whose true identity is the subject of feverish speculation, fuelled by his regular appearances at West End opening nights in costume, wig and latex mask

And now he's ready to share all he's learnt about how to get ahead in show-business

Full of wit and mischievous indiscretion, it's packed with gossip and insider knowledge of the theatre business, and enough savvy advice on acting to kickstart a career

You'll find essential tips on ...

+ Getting into drama school (learning how to sit in a circle)

+ Auditioning (perfecting the 'staring vacantly out front' pose)

+ Rehearsals techniques (including how to act in a serious play)

+ The different kinds of actor (from sex pest to company idiot)

+ Combating boredom (and avoiding backstage naughtiness)

+ How to behave at first-night parties (obeying the traffic-light colour code)

+ And - most importantly - the correct way to bow at the curtain call

"Prepare to be shocked, rocked and mocked in this genuinely laugh-out-loud-funny, lovingly crafted, meticulously researched, spookily insightful and accurately spelled guide to all things thespian" ~ Michael Ball

Makes a great gift!

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Going to the Theatre - But Were Too Sloshed to Ask, Dear


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