Echoes Down the Corridor - Collected Essays 1944-2000 - HARDBACK

Echoes Down the Corridor - Collected Essays 1944-2000 - HARDBACK $22.99, $11.50 (50% off)

Arthur Miller

Published by Methuen

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"Like the varying depth of a lens, the mind bends the light passing through it quite differently according to age" ~ Arthur Miller

For some fifty years now, Arthur Miller has been not only America's premier playwright, but also one of our foremost public intellectuals and cultural critics

Echoes Down the Corridor gathers together a dazzling array of more than fifty previously uncollected essays and works of reportage

Here is Arthur Miller, the brilliant social and political commentator

But here, too, Miller the private man behind the internationally renowned public figure

Arranged chronologically, these writings take the reader on a whirlwind tour of modern history - the Nazi war crimes trials, Vietnam, Watergate, the Balkan conflict and even President Clinton's infamous liaison with Monica Lewinsky

With characteristic passion, Miller writes incisive discourses on censorship and the death penalty as well as Swiftian satire on the McCarthy witch-hunts, records his meeting with Nelson Mandela and assesses the lasting impact of the Depression on an American generation

Yet here also is Miller in meditative and even playful mood, evoking the subtle pleasures of gardening, or remembering the Brooklyn full of characters and practical jokers where he grew up, or wryly recounting the Mafia kidnap experience that never was

A humane, wise and powerful commentary on our age, Echoes Down the Corridor is a unique record of the private man as well as the playwright, poet and philosopher who has created some of the most abiding dramatic and literary masterpieces in the English language

Rich in artistry and insight, Echoes Down the Corridor reaffirms Arthur Miller's standing as one of the most influential literary, cultural and intellectual voices of our time

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