Dot and Tot of Merryland - A Musical Fantasy

Dot and Tot of Merryland - A Musical Fantasy $9.99

Jennifer Kirkeby & Michael Pretasky from L. Frank Baum

Published by Dramatic Publishing

The delightful musical journey of a young boy and girl who are swept away in a boat to the enchanted Valleys of Merryland

As they travel along the river that flows through magical archways, they meet the Watchdog of Merryland, a hairy fellow who spends his time counting his whiskers

The Watchdog warns the children that their very presence may have awoken the evil troll who was banished from Merryland long ago

Dot and Tot travel on to find the queen, the only one in Merryland who can help them

On the way to her palace they travel to the fanciful Valley of the Clowns where all is joyful and fun. While in this valley, Dot and Tot jump on trampolines and learn how to be clowns

The children travel on to find the queen, and come to the Valley of Merryland where the queen resides with her dancing dolls

A living doll herself, the queen adopts Dot and Tot and together they go by boat to find her stolen "Thinking Machine" that she uses to make decisions

They arrive at the Valley of the Busy Mr Split who must split himself in half in order to take care of all of the toys in his valley

Finally, they travel to the Valley of the Lost Things where they encounter the nasty but comical troll. There they discover the missing Thinking Machine

The queen tricks the troll into entering the Thinking Machine, and while inside he goes through quite a transformation

He becomes their friend, the queen decides that she must think for herself, and Dot and Tot return home stronger and wiser, but knowing that they won't ever be able to come back to the valleys

That doesn't mean, however, that their new friends can't come and see them!

Dot and Tot of Merryland is an enchanting musical adaptation of L. Frank Baum's original story that was written as a companion piece to The Wizard of Oz

Cast: M1,F7 or M6,F1 + Extras - Unit set - runs about 75 minutes

Click and listen to a Sample of the Songs ...

Adventure Waiting There
So That's What It's Like
All the World is a Melody

Score available For Hire only

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