Dark Vanilla Jungle and other Monologues

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Philip Ridley

Published by Methuen

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It was a very hot day dazzling sunshine! and Mum she was wiping sweat from her neck. No, not wiping. Dabbing . . . Dab . . . Dab. Mum was a beauty. Not like me. And don't tell me I am because you'll be lying and I won't thank you for it. Not today. Not when this whole thing us, here - is about me telling the truth

The latest from Philip Ridley is a beautiful, breath-taking new drama about one girl's craving for family and home, and the lengths she will go to achieve them

This monologue for a young woman runs about 75 mins

The edition also features a selection of previously unpublished monologues by Philip Ridley


"Onto an empty stage comes Andrea. She stands there, unsure what to say until she blurts the story of the time when she was stung by a wasp. She is a 16 year old who's had a rough childhood and wishes to have a family and a home of her own. She tells the audience her story of love, deception, abuse, sex slavery and abandonment. Philip Ridley is known for piling on the pain and misery in his stories, and Dark Vanilla Jungle is no exception" ~ Whatsonstage

"Philip Ridley's plays are always populated with monsters. Whether they are fantastical creatures lurking at the edges of civilization, the human predators willing to pounce at the slightest hint of weakness, or simply the demons that crowd the darker reaches of our subconscious, they never quite go away. In this dizzying, gut-churning new monologue, the threat is both external and internal; monsters are on the street and in the mind ... When it comes to oddly exquisite horror, no one does it better" ~ Catherine Love

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