Creating Worlds - How to Make Immersive Theatre

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Jason Warren

Published by Nick Hern Books

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"The joy of working in this field is that there is so much left to discover my aim is to help you craft your own beliefs on what makes good immersive theatre and to create responsive and rich worlds of your own" ~ Jason Warren

Creating Worlds is a practical guide to creating successful immersive theatre productions, by an experienced theatre-maker and practitioner.

Placing the audience at the heart of a production not as passive bystanders but as active participants is the impetus behind the hugely varied work of leading immersive theatre companies such as Punchdrunk, OneOhOne and Hobo Theatre

Done well, it can generate powerful, gut-level emotional effects that will long outlast the production itself

Creating Worlds offers a step-by-step breakdown of the entire journey towards making an immersive theatre production, and covers everything you need to consider, including:

Deciding what kind of production you want to make, and the 'mission statement' for your piece

Understanding and anticipating audience behaviour

Planning and influencing journeys through the space

Balancing interaction with narrative

Giving your audience an active role, and navigating the thin line between free will and uncontrolled chaos

Managing complex rehearsals, and preparing your cast for the unexpected

Extending the audience experience outside of the performance

Generating innovative ideas and tactics for marketing your production

Throughout the book, Jason Warren draws on his own experiences of creating immersive theatre work in a variety of styles and settings

Also included is a glossary of key terms, and a schedule to help you make the most of your rehearsal period

This is an essential how-to guide for theatre-makers, artists, students and teachers who want to create their own immersive theatre

It's also a fascinating read for those interested in the inspirations and ideas that fuel these unique performances

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