Cracking Shakespeare - A Hands-on Guide for Actors and Directors VIDEO

Cracking Shakespeare - A Hands-on Guide for Actors and Directors VIDEO $31.99

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Kelly Hunter

Published by Methuen

Cracking Shakespeare serves to demystify the process of speaking Shakespeare's language

It offers hands-on techniques for drama students, young actors and directors who are intimidated by rehearsing, performing and directing Shakespeare's plays

For some artists approaching Shakespeare, the ability to capture the dynamic movement of thought from mind to mouth, and the paradox of using the formality of verse to express a realistic form of speech, can seem daunting

Cracking Shakespeare includes practical techniques and exercises to solve this dilemma including supporting online VIDEO which demonstrate how to embody Shakespeare's characters in rehearsal and performance offering a toolkit that will free actors and directors from their fear of Shakespeare

The result of thirty years of acting, teaching and directing Shakespeare, Kelly Hunter's Cracking Shakespeare is the ideal textbook for actors and directors looking for new ways to approach Shakespeare's plays in a hands-on, down-to-earth style



PART ONE Rhythm, Sound and Structure

Chapter One: Rhythm
Chapter Two: Sound
Chapter Three: Alphabet of emotion
Chapter Four: Structure; When do I breathe?

PART TWO Words, words, words

Chapter Five: Keywords
Chapter Six: Rhetoric
Chapter Seven: Prose and verse
Chapter Eight: Putting it all together; soliloquys
Chapter Nine: Putting it all together; scenes

PART THREE Games to play in rehearsal

Chapter Ten: Game of the mind's eye; soliloquys
Chapter Eleven: Games of the mind's eye; scenes
Chapter Twelve: Rehearsal Techniques
Chapter Thirteen: Run-throughs
Exercise Videos


Kelly Hunter is an actor, director and educator

She performs, directs and teaches Shakespeare in the UK and USA and has been a regular tutor at the Actors Centre since 2003

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