Broadway Swings - Covering the Ensemble in Musical Theatre

Broadway Swings - Covering the Ensemble in Musical Theatre $25.99

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J Austin Eyer & Lyndy Franklin Smith

Published by Methuen

This is the ideal guide for anyone considering a career in this most unique of positions, or anyone curious about what really goes on, behind-the-scenes, in a long-running show

In this textbook for performers, the position of a Swing - an Understudy for the Ensemble - on Broadway is examined from every angle, showing just how vital Swings are to the success of any musical theatre production

Authors J. Austin Eyer and Lyndy Franklin Smith draw on their own experiences as performers, and gather first-hand stories from other Swings about the glories and hardships of their industry

The book features interviews with over 100 Broadway pros-Swing veterans, Stage Managers, Casting Directors, Choreographers, and Directors - including Rob Ashford, Susan Stroman, Jerry Mitchell, Larry Fuller, Tony Stevens, Beverley Randolph, and Frank DiLella


Preface by J. Austin Eyer and Lyndy Franklin Smith
Foreword by Susan Stroman

Some Terms to Know

1 What is a Swing?
2 Selecting the Swing
3 Swings in Rehearsal
4 The Next Step: Tech Rehearsal and Previews
5 On with the Show
6 And the Show Goes On . . . and On . . . and On . . .
7 Closing Time
8 So You Think You Can Swing?
9 Swings as Dance Captains
10 Swings beyond Broadway
11 Swing Stories
12 Thoughts from the Creative Team
13 Swinging On

Appendix A: Meet the Swings

Appendix B: Sources/Further Reading


"Austin Eyer and Franklin Smith are both experienced [swings] and take the reader through the background to the swing concept, rehearsing as a swing, dealing with whatever you have to do in the show and what happens at the end of it. There's a lot of practical advice about learning songs and dancing routines, and combining it if required with the role of dance captain. A useful and accessible book about a subject which really needed spelling out clearly. Yes, it's about Broadway but nearly all the advice and examples are applicable wherever musical theatre is being staged" ~ The Stage

"As this text so wonderfully captures, swings are mathematicians, artists, soloists, team members, team leaders, peacekeepers, and miracle-workers. What a gift to have their stories told! Future swings, take this gift and run with it!" ~ Andy Blankenbuehler, Choreographer

"A revelation! . . . This user-friendly guide explains everything you need to know to be a successful swing or cover on any stage, anywhere. It takes all of the confusion and intimidation out of the job and explains every responsibility in detail. A guaranteed gem!'" ~ Lyn Cramer, University of Oklahoma

"A must-read for anyone considering a career in the theater, Broadway Swings is an eye-opener that will teach any old theater fan new tricks" ~ Dave Quinn, NBC In the Wings

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