All Change Please - A Practical Guide to Achieving Gender Equality in Theatre

All Change Please - A Practical Guide to Achieving Gender Equality in Theatre $19.99

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Lucy Kerbel

Published by Nick Hern Books

"We are the industry. If things will shift it is down to us, all of us, to make that happen. We all need to reflect on how we work, how we think, and how we make choices. That's what will drive the greatest change"

Theatre needs to change


In its boardrooms

On its stages

And throughout its repertoires

It could and should be so much more successful at reflecting the gender balance of the world it seeks to represent

This is a book about why change matters

Its benefits artistic, commercial, ethical and social

And how, with everyone's help, we can actually achieve it

From small shifts, such as how you run your meetings or what's on the shelves of your school library, to rethinking concepts as huge as the art we inherit, how we attribute excellence, and the constraints we unwittingly pass on to the next generation

There are things we can all do to bring about change

In this book, you'll find provocations to help you consider your current practices and their effects, challenge unconscious biases and identify opportunities for change

Plus strategies and tools to help you decide where best to focus your efforts, to convince others why change matters

And to achieve meaningful, lasting success

Eye-opening, empowering and inspiring, All Change Please is a book for anyone who loves theatre

Whether you make it, teach it, watch it or study it, everyone has their own unique part to play in helping refresh, reshape and re-imagine the industry as truly diverse, equal and inclusive


"Lucy Kerbel's work has become increasingly pivotal in helping the entire industry raise its game ... this illuminating book answers the cynic, informs the impartial, converts the supporter into an activist and equips them all; not in a rallying cry of anger-fuelled idealism, but in a calm, pragmatic and clear-eyed way" ~ Rufus Norris, Director of the National Theatre, from his Foreword

See also her first book, 100 Great Plays for Women

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