Acting Stanislavski - A practical guide to Stanislavski's approach and legacy

Acting Stanislavski - A practical guide to Stanislavski's approach and legacy $25.99

John Gillett

Published by Methuen

Stanislavski was the first to outline a systematic approach for using our experience, imagination and observation to create truthful acting

One hundred and fifty years after his birth, his approach is more widely embraced and taught throughout the world - but is still often rejected, misunderstood and misapplied

In Acting Stanislavski, John Gillett offers a clear, accessible and comprehensive account of the Stanislavski approach, from the actor's training to final performance, exploring:

Ease and focus

The nature of action, interaction and objectives

The imaginary reality, senses and feeling

Active analysis of text

Physical and vocal expression of character

The actor in the context of training and the industry

Drawing on Stanislavski's major books, in both English translations, and on records of his directing process and final studio classes, Acting Stanislavski demystifies terms and concepts

It is for actors from an actor's point of view, and offers many practical exercises and examples as an integrated part of each subject

Acting Stanislavski also creates an up-to-date overview of the Stanislavski approach, connecting his legacy with the work of his successors, from Michael Chekhov to Meisner, Adler and Strasberg

A new, extended and fully updated edition of Acting on Impulse: Reclaiming the Stanislavski Approach, Acting Stanislavski now includes new exercises and biographies, a further chapter on The Character, and an expanded glossary along with many other additions to the previous chapters

It is an essential practical and educational resource for any acting student, professional or teacher


"It sets the record straight in terms of what Stanislavski was actually about. It's invaluable" ~ Marina Caldarone, co-author of Actions: The Actors Thesaurus

''If an actor was to have just one book on the process of acting on their shelf it should be this one" ~ Edda Sharpe, co-author of and

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