Acting for Love & Money

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Paul G Gleason & Gavin Levy

Published by Meriwether Publishing

Sub-titled Connecting the Craft to the Industry, this collection of seventy-five acting exercises is designed to prepare actors and acting students for a professional career

The exercises were created during workshop sessions conducted by the authors with participants of the Paul G. Gleason Theatre in Hollywood

Over three hundred hours of recorded sessions were edited to pick the best exercises for developing acting skills

The book is divided into fifteen sections ...

Acting Is Not a Business, but It Can Be Business-Like

The Audience

Technology and Information for the Actor Fix Yourself, Then Use Yourself

Sound and Vocal Levels

The Storyteller

A Magnetic Personality



The Physical Actor

A State of Being


Creating a World

Mirror Neurons

Intimacy and Confrontation

Also includes insights from many professionals in the acting industry

"This is a must-read book not only for actors interested in honing their skills, but for any film or theatre professionals who deal with talent" ~ Richard Delighter, director of Real Productions, Inc

"This book is a must for every actor's library. There is an answer for every problem ... no matter how difficult it may seem. It is a true reference guide and so easy to understand. You can open it anywhere ... and learn something. God bless you Gavin and Paul for caring so much about the people who love the performing arts, as I do with all my heart" ~ Dorothy Barret, director of American National Academy of Performing Arts

"This is the most relevant and practical book on acting for today's actor. It guides the aspiring actor and the working actor to look at acting as a vocation in which to practice the art of acting. It helps them to understand the training they are getting in regards to a career and helps them to recognize the good training they must seek. It is a must for all actors who want to learn and remember their craft" ~ Jack Wiant, former CFO Los Angeles Music Center

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