A Country Doctor & Like I Say & Pilgrims of the Night

A Country Doctor & Like I Say & Pilgrims of the Night $19.99

Len Jenkin

Published by Broadway Play Publishing

7 Male 0 Female

"The central journey in A COUNTY DOCTOR--Kafka's physician anxiously pushing through a raging blizzard to reach a dying patient--keeps overtaking the other travellers, giving them nightmares. The visceral treats of the piece are many and fine. Makes you want to stick your thumb out and hop aboard for the wild ride." New York Post
"Jenkin, over the course of the play's seventy-five minutes, give us virtually the entire Kafka short story in sequential fashion. And he turns the story into a comment on modern man's existential condition through the Guest, and most interestingly, on Kafka's own psychological-sexual torment as reflected in his writings. Its an intellectual-literary tour de force of amazing density." Star and Tribune, Minneapolis - cast may be as small as 7 actors

"LIKE IS SAY, a new play by one of America's leading writers, is set at the seaside Hotel Splendide, where a peculiar group of travellers try to make some sense of life and get ahold of some ready cash. This mysterious and comic story takes us to the edge of America and the end of the line." Royal Court Theatre, London
"Len Jenkin has an unusual talent for reaching into the shadowy places in the human psyche and coming up with evocative images--like thrusting an arm into a barrel of black slime and coming up with a handful of gold nuggets." Journal American, Seattle
minimum 4m 4f

"In the six tales of PILGRIMS OF THE NIGHT, and in the framing narrative, Jenkin explores many of the raw nerve ends in our society; the deep need to believe an absolute, while at the same time revelling in the gratification of the present; the difference between titillation and satisfaction; the bizarre nature of reality; and the real nature of the bizarre." Times, Seattle
"Jenkin's PILGRIMS OF THE NIGHT is a wonderful combination of innocence and guile, primitive impulses and sophisticated craft. Zombies, a headless woman, an island paradise, an erotically frustrated fry cook, a psychopathic neurosurgeon, a silver fairy, and a formerly live deer all make memorable impressions." Post-Intelligencer, Seattle
4m 3f

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